The alignments of popular figures


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Most are above average drivers, too.

I think most people are chaotic good to neutral good.

Bernie seems neutral good, and Hillary more lawful neutral (it’s the fundraising). Cruz seems Lawful Evil, and Kasich seems Lawful Neutral.

Trump, Chaotic Neutral for sure.

Suggestions, refinements, additions, derailments?


Hillary would have to be chaotic good as evidenced by her long odds health care charge in the early 90s and pragmatic corporate accommodations since.

Bernie is lawful good because he walked the democratic socialist walk even during the 80s when socialists of all persuasions were driven into the wilderness by the Reagan Coalition.


If we are talking about the classic AD&D alignments, IIRC Lawful means they adhere to laws and/or at least a sense of rules, order, and honor. Even if they are using that order for evil. You might break some laws, but you expect your rules to be followed. Hitler would be Lawful Evil.

It’s kinda funny when it comes to political figures because “good” and “evil” is really very subjective when you are talking about this sort of thing. I am sure some people would see G W Bush as Lawful evil, and others as Lawful good or possibly Chaotic Good.

So I would agree Bernie would be Lawful Good.

Hillary is Chaotic Neutral at best, neutral evil at worse. She has back stabbed and is a deceitful liar. This goes way back to the Nixon investigation, Whitewater, her recent email security fiasco, and some of her double think regarding Benghazi and “snipers in Bosnia”, and other distasteful shenanigans.

Trump is Neutral Evil as well. He plays by the rules when it fits him, but is pretty much is self serving.

I personally would like to see myself as lawful good. My kid is definitely LG. She is an even bigger rule follower than me.

I just got done watching Daredevil, who would be Chaotic Good.



Shouldn’t Trump be Chaotic Evil?


I don’t think he’s committed to evil so much as plays it on TV. Chaotic Douchebag for sure though.


Well, does or should his intent matter? The end game for him seems to be to raise his profile and probably make a boatload of cash, but he’s doing it at the expense of our (admittedly already broken) political system. He seems to have unleashed a deeply racist streak among some people and that’s really causing some serious problems, as we’ve seen.


I don’t think he inspired the hatred, or is causing the problems. In some ways he is casting a useful spotlight on the causes of intolerance. I think he is a charming practitioner more than a leader. The mob is the mob’s. They can turn on him just as easily.


No, this racism existed well before he decided he had to the leader of them. He’s certainly profiting off of the mob, though, wouldn’t you say?


Sure, but if he were to be selected as the bulder of new Obamacare hospitals we’d hear about how 'uuuuge single payer healthcare is and about the health of his nordic friends. I say that’s neutral. Swayable.


Putin OTOH. Chaotic Evil.




i heard about the “10, 80, 10” rule a way back.
basically 10% of people always do the right thing, 10% always do the wrong thing, and the rest do whatever benefits them most at the time.
i guess it depends who’s watching.



I don’t recognize Lawful Neutral, but I can’t shake the idea that the guy on the left looks like a younger version of Dick Cheney…

Also, Dick Cheney: Lawful Evil? Or Chaotic Evil?

I was going to say Lawful Evil, due to the principle of “If the (vice) president does it, it’s not illegal”. But then again, he started a bunch of wars, and fucked up the country really hard, and he has only minimally benefited from it if we’re only counting direct cash profit.

Also, just making up laws so you can do anything you want seems to me to be relatively against the Lawful Evil ethos. It always felt to me Lawful Evil took pleasure in exploiting the rules and its loopholes, not just choosing to ignore the law whenever it would further its goals.


it’s venture bros!


I recognized Team Venture, I said I couldn’t identify Lawful Neutral.


i figured that out after,
i got excited, woops



I have this really bad feeling that the racist streak unleashed him.