Supercut of Russian pedestrians running into cars


It could have just been overconfident scientists who were testing if their invulnerability serum finally worked.

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At about 1:28 a guy lays down in the street in front of the car, then the car actually runs him over


Russian and Korean…

Some of these seem less like “accident stager” and more like “drunk person stumbles into car/thinks it’s funny to lay down on the road” - particularly near the beginning. The one at 3:00 is just somebody getting hit in a crosswalk. The dude that gets run over at 1:28 is pretty disturbing though.

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Over his neck :open_mouth:

At 0:50 someone jumps under the rear wheels of a truck. Your life has to be pretty bad if you think it will be improved by becoming paraplegic with the possibility of a payout.


Quite a few of those show cars running a crosswalk and actually hitting people.

Fuck guys! Don’t bill a video as “goofy accident stagers” when it contains people being actually run over and dragged under cars. Unicorn Chaser NAO!


Such a weird mix of funny (basically anything where someone deliberately runs at and jumps on a car) and really quite disturbing. The one at 1:30 in particular was not something I wanted to see.

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