Supercut of people pretending that cars hit them



I am never driving in China.

Alternate heading: Supercut of Submissive Car Fetishists.


Passive aggressive panhandling?

Also, it kind of reminds me of watching all the flopping that happened in last year’s World Cup


I know that correlation isn’t necessarily causation, but if they ban techno music, it might fix the problem.


This is actually pretty depressing. It’s really an anti-supercut, and a cleverly subversive use of an internet plot device, employed to bring awareness to the problems that these people no doubt face, which drive them to this act of desperation.

I thought that the way it was supposed to work was that the driver isn’t sure if they actually did hit someone, and then the “victim” would extort money out of them. How does it work when the car is stopped, and the victim runs up and jumps on the hood?

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Man, some of those look pretty genuinely risky. I like 1:22 though - that was, like, a high jumper’s fosbury flop onto the hood of a stopped car

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I give you a, 9.6 for technique, and a 0.0 for CHOICE OF VICTIM!

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You’re kidding right?

I got exactly one “pretending” in and - As far as I can tell, that first person is actually hit by the car! The mirror clips her arm pretty good and rotates her into the side of the vehicle. The car’s mirror, which hit the pedestrian, even looks to be twisted out of position after the accident. And it doesn’t look to me like she intentionally ran into it.

I don’t know about that one - it looks to me like she’s intentionally close to the car and swings her arm out, but it’s a tough call. I will say the guy standing on the corner at 0:50 looks like he really got hit - maybe he meant to get hit a little, but it looks to me like he got hit hard and the car rolled over his legs. Not a good trick, buddy.

Oscar! Oscar!

Her arm doesn’t swing out until after she’s hit, though (the impact is not when she touches the side of the car, it’s when the mirror hits her), and in fact seems to swing that arm out as a direct result of the impact, presumably in a surprised attempt to stabilize herself. And she’s talking on her phone and not even looking at the car when it happens, and the only (slight) diversion in her path seems to be away from the car.

50 second guy was definitely intentional, but yeah, it also looks like he hit a lot harder than he bargained for. Ouch.

Makes me think I need to buy a dashcam

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The last one looked more like a disturbed person trying half heartedly to hurt himself than a scam artist. There were dozens of people watching and gasping repeatedly as he played a stumbly version of frogger.

The same extortion works here - the victim just has to say “You know you didn’t hit me, I know you didn’t hit me, but I have a witness (my friend over here) who will claim that you hit me, and that dented hood of your car sure as heck looks like you hit me. Who do you think the police will believe?” My response to that, of course, would be along the lines of “Well, I’m guessing you have a lengthy criminal history based on your current behaviour, so they’d probably believe me. Hop in, we’ll drive over to them right now and see”.

Having said that, if I drove in areas where this kind of behaviour was routine, I would absolutely invest in a dashcam. It kinda seems like a no-brainer, considering how cheap they are these days.

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