Gentleman jumps on car hood to fake an accident, driver doesn't give a damn

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One perk of driving an old crappy car.


Dude… does it look like I got money?


I like this one, wherein a youth throws his moped, then himself, at a car, and recovers rapidly from his bad back as soon as the word ‘camera’ is mentioned:


He was quite graceful, actually. Dancing background?

Reminds me of when those skateboarders tried faking an injury to extort money out of Jimmy McGill.


What’s with the nonstop cavalcade of posts of small time scammers and thieves getting caught? We get it, Mark. You get a huge kick out of having a good laugh at the desperate losers failing. And feel compelled to post about it like clockwork. It’s downright pathological! Jesus Christ! Try not punching down, for once.

OW! My fancy!!”


This is a dangerous activity, and not every scammer comes away unharmed.

Sometimes they injure themselves to try to increase their potential recovery.

And sometimes they actually get injured accidentally by the target of their intended fraud

I wouldn’t be surprised that occasionally people run them over intentionally, as well, but I suppose there would be no reason to share those dashcam videos.


Nagisa Oshima made a film about a boy whose father forces him to take part in this kind of scam, based on a real case.

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Do these scams ever work?

One wonders.

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That was wonderfully unconvincing.


There’s no evidence this was a scam. It looks to me like a kid fucking around.


My mother’s friend was the attempted victim of one of these scams: a father-and-son team where the latter played the “witness” (fortunately, a couple of genuine witnesses intervened). I bought and installed a dashcam for my mother right after I heard in case someone tried to pull it with her.

Like many scams, they tend to work with elderly people. The arseholes either pressure the victim to “save themselves some insurance trouble” by going to the ATM and withdrawing a few hundred dollars (possibly shoulder-surfing the PIN) or working with a crooked lawyer.


How awful it would be to the last guy, backing from the lovely lady, found another scammer on the rear, without a camera?

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Vast majority occur in China caused by The Lost Generation. But it is catching on in Mexico, Africian nations, Baltic countries. I’ve even seen it attempted in large cities here in the US involving the homeless.

Dash cams ruin every scammers’ dreams! -)


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Laughing at people who try to pull off an insurance fraud, and failing, is not “punching down” in any meaningful sense.


I’ve run and thrown myself at cars before, but only to wind up family and friends.

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Late stage capitalism

Right. Because obsessing over desperate, poor fuck ups and losers being fuck ups and losers is the pinnacle of moral behaviour. After all, society is perfect and it is entirely their fault that they are there. No need to ever consider the conditions that lead people to foolishly inept criminal acts, what we really need is MOAR POSTS LIKE THIS! Plus - HAW HAW - look how stupid and desperate they are! It’s funny, cause I’m better than them in every way. Losers.

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Those are some mighty men of straw you’re punching down at.