German VW exec is going to US prison for seven years for his role in Dieselgate


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I’m not sure what I feel about this. On the one hand; good job. On the other, though, there seems to be a very strong whiff of hypocrisy about the whole thing.


He’s probably wishing that he had waited until trump was in office to fake emission readings.


Wait just one minute people… that’s not how we do things in the US.


Did any Engineers lose their license for Dieselgate? Executives should be jailed and the Engineers that worked on this should be stripped of their license to practice.


how come VW is still allowed to sell cars in the US?


Wait! Someone check me on this. I wanna make sure my notes are right:

Not OK: being a mid to upper level car exec and doing shady things.

Totally OK: being a high level bankster and doing really shady things.

Does that cover it?


So this debacle could be responsible for the early deaths of 1,200 people. Seven years. Seem fair.:thinking:


The engineers went to jail too


Because the Hummer, Fx50 series, and Silverado all exist.


Wazza’ matter with my Silverado?



It’s an '03 rwd standard cab full bed… it’s a pretty good truck.


I’m sure it is, but that’s not what’s being discussed.


I would, of course, prefer to drown the hypocrisy in a veritable deluge of the blood and tears of the guilty, of which there is a sadly ample supply; but given the bad options I don’t think I’d feel an better if we let this guy off to avoid any perception of nationalist considerations in white collar sentencing.

The sort of scapegoating that involves railroading the innocent is absolutely worse than mere impunity; but this outcome, while unpleasantly close to impunity, still involves incrementally more punishment.


You’re so kind to avoid the words, “insane non-sequitur.”

I’ll bet VW is going to bust him out. “You’ll never get me, coppers!”


From the linked Reuters article

“It is my opinion that you are a key conspirator in this scheme to defraud the United States,” U.S. District Judge Sean Cox of Detroit told Schmidt in court. “You saw this as your opportunity to shine … and climb the corporate ladder at VW.”

This was an international conspiracy affecting VW/Audi/Porsche in US, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

So this upper middle manager and some other middle managers worldwide, along with engineers worldwide, were a rogue cell fudging emissions stats for…promotions.

Or, you know, Occam’s Razor.

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MPG and emissions are two very different things.


Only if you think [thing] and 1/[thing] and very different


The cheating was about NOx emissions, not CO2 emmissions.