German VW exec is going to US prison for seven years for his role in Dieselgate

Only if you are weighing all the various possible combustion products more or less in the literal sense of weighing(even there there can be some discrepancies based on how much of a given combustion product is contributed by the atmosphere rather than the fuel).

If you are weighting the emissions by unpleasantness the two can differ substantially. That’s much of diesel’s problem: mileage is pretty good; but NOx and(particularly in the larger ones) particulate gets pretty unpleasant.

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Corp exec actually getting prison time? Huh. So, when do all the Wells Fargo execs get fitted for orange suits?


Exactly the kind of thing that came to my mind. Why haven’t any of the banksters and other financier -types that imploded the economy in 2008 gone to jail? They woulda in the early 1900s, even in the USA.

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My feelings are largely centered around whether the exec went to “drug dealer prison” or “white executive guy” prison.

Toxic, yes. Hazardous to the environment, yes. Ill advised, yes. Far above regulation, yes. Lethal, no.

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Yes, has played similarly fast and loose with the epidemiological terms.

Contributory is not causal. Please, schooling. Not even disappointed, because I am not even surprised. The NOx does not cause those deaths, it leads to them. This is why we have all these different words, so we can use nuance when our emotional state allows us to.


Tomato potato. :yum:

I agree that it may not be the most precise of terms, but their were people that died earlier than otherwise would have died because of those emissions.

Some online definitions could agree with the use by Cory, if those emission were a contributing cause of the premature deaths.

people used to think tomatoes were ‘fatal’. But those people were incorrect. Not all of them admitted it gracefully.

yes, that’s why we have other words. For other circumstances. YMMV, HECK it’s presidential to use words that way now!

What we do not have are dictionaries that win stupid arguments for us.

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Wrong again: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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