Leaked memos suggest Volkswagen's CEO knew about diesel cheating in 2014

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Your deniability is not very plausible.


It’s not the scandal. It’s the coverup.

And also the scandal.


Lets collect their fines and just show them the door.

What’s the point in corporations if they can’t diffuse responsibility?


Let’s be clear, though; the titanic amounts of NOx were as nothing compared to those pumped into the atmosphere by previous vehicle generations. Along with lead.
The VW fault was to be not clean enough, not extra dirty.
I don’t excuse them, and I switched to non-turbo gasoline in 2008 after reading that Toyota did not believe that Diesel technology would be good enough to meet emissions standards in the long term while still remaining competitive (AdBlue imposes extra lifecycle costs and energy consumption.) But some of what we’re hearing is PR brought you by the same guys who lobbied to get SUVs excluded from carbon emissions standards, and then sold them to the public as cars.


I’m shocked! Shocked, I tell you.

Just kidding. As I told my wife when this first broke in the press, “No engineer is going to do something like this on his own. The board knew all about this.”


So the article says this could put him into hotter water because his failure to disclose this information back then could potentially harm the company’s stock price. Glad to see the system is looking out for the real victims here.

I realize that little people could also be affected by poorly performing VW stocks if they have retirement accounts that are invested in the company but I just find it sad that this could be the most significant threat hanging over this guy’s head.

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Of course not. The question always is “who has the incentive/motive to do this?”.

What is strange is that VW thought they could get away with cheating an engineering problem that no other design team could solve. Wouldn’t every engine manufacturer in the world tear these engines apart to see how VW did it? Isn’t that what they live for?


I’d like to know the overall numbers on this, if the cheat device made the cars burn less fuel then due to the conservation of mass some emissions must have been reduced. Over the lifetime of these vehicles would the most responsible fix be nothing? People really seem to forget that these cars present such a tiny fraction of total emissions. Force VW to offset the emissions in new vehicles. Just say for the next X years you have to be Y% under the rules for everyone else to offset that time you cheated.


Fines? Prison.

Wilfully negligent manslaughter on a mass scale.

Good idea, but too rational for the vengeance-based justice system.

If you’re going to apply that test, the prisons won’t be big enough. Given historical levels of emissions and the number of vehicles involved, the present and former executives of just about the entire US vehicle and power generation industry are going to be locked up. Biggest lockup of all will be the people responsible for adding tetra-ethyl lead to gasoline, for selling Diesel vehicles, and for allowing cars and trucks to be used in urban areas.

Another way to look at it is to consider current life expectancy versus that in, say, 1900, and consider what part cheap energy and transport has paid in facilitating increased life expectancy.

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