Son of Dieselgate: second line of VWs may have used "defeat devices"

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I know is kinda local news so you dont probably care, but I cant tell you how happy I’m that the Spanish goverment decided to actually do something about this after weeks of playing dumb.

Specifically, they have submitted a proposal back to the rest of the EU partners to get the NO2 limit raised some 43% because insisting on it will be problematic in this economic climate, lead to layoffs, etc.

Sometime I wonder what would be to have a government not composed of caricatures of right-wing idiots.


What? Really? A gas chamber? Especially in the context of Germany that’s a pretty specific thing with a horrific past. Equating this to a mobile gas chamber is just fecking weird.


That depends on how many VW owners bring their cars in for this “refit”.

Is it wrong that I’ve long mused about some MITM microcontroller-based OBD-II hack that would let my shitty old car (that I drove maybe 2000 miles a year) pass inspection?

When a company does it en masse: evil, sure. But for an individual: think of the maker cred!

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VW sees emissions control tests as damage and routes around them.


Ah, gotta love that Vorsprung durch Technik

If Napoleon kills millions of people, he’s a political leader and a military hero, but if I kill my landlady, then suddenly I’m some kind of axe murderer who needs to go to prison, amirite?


It’s not just the 11 million VW diesels that the company admits to having converted to secret mobile gas-chambers

That’s really quite offensive, Cory. VW is certainly quite culpable here, but this bit of hyperbole crosses the line of good taste and decency.


Are carbon monoxide emissions even at issue here? i thought the chip was used to disguise NOx emissions.


…that the company admits to having converted to secret mobile gas-chambers;

I’ll add another voice to point out just how obnoxious this is Cory. Unnecessary and very cheap. Germans, who weren’t even born at the time of the Third Reich, are tired of these casual but deeply offensive insults.


I’m surprised that anyone would think the new engines were not cheating until proven otherwise. They were doing it for at least 8 years, why would they have stopped?

Yeah, I know, VW said the new ones weren’t cheating. Why would you believe VW on anything?


Okay, a bit over the top there, but NOX is nasty stuff. Several groups have done estimates of the number of extra pollution deaths due to this deception and have come up with numbers of 5 to 20 (or 10) per year just in the US. The number will be much higher in Europe, where they have a lot more of these in a much smaller area.

VW deliberately decided they were going to kill some extra people, it’s just a matter of the magnitude and directness of it.


I wouldn’t believe them without checking. And this should be an easy thing to check. Plug a late-model diesel VW into any standard emissions-measuring device and read what the sniffer says. Then unplug the car from the device, but leave the sniffer up the tailpipe on a dyno. If the emissions change, it should be obvious, right?

No, you’re right - the only difference between cheating on an emmisions test and the cold blooded systematic murder of 11 million people is one of numbers…



Yes, I can tell you have smh. Don’t put words in my mouth. I didn’t say they were the same, I said VW deliberately decided to kill some people (and sicken a lot more, though I didn’t say that) with NOx. That is a direct consequence of the cheating. Our ape brains treat this as less bad than direct killing because it’s indirect in action and they’re just nebulously targeting ‘people’ in general rather than ‘Jews’.

VW’s like a tobacco firm, who also deliberately choose to kill people slowly with their products. Which is not the same as the Holocaust, but what if nobody had caught this for a while (it was only caught by accident here) and ‘clean’ diesel had really taken off? How many extra sick and dead people would it take for it to go beyond just ‘cheating on an emissions test’ and into naughty?


It’s time to require the manufacturers to submit source code, compilers, and linkers so that the regulators can examine it.

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