TikTok video of rear end collision called into question

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There ought to be some rule that I am only liable for totaling a car up to 2x or 3x the median price of a new car. After $100K, or whatever, that risk is on the guy who owns the $400K Lambo, not on this lady who (I can imagine) is pretty freaked out she just did $30K in damage.

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We need to require physics in school, like yesterday.


400K Lambo is peanuts for the insurance company. The real money is in the medical bills and life assistance after a bad accident.


That’s how it works in Manitoba. Insurance only covers up to a max value. If your vehicle is worth more than that you have to pay for extended insurance above that value. Though we also are a public insurance province, not private, and less litigious than the ole U S of A.


I’m not typically sympathetic to folks who spend that kind of money on stupid sports cars but given the way she was talking to the surprisingly calm and polite victim of the accident I frankly couldn’t give a damn if she was held financially responsible for the full cost of damage to this car.


Typically an insurance policy will only pay out to the limits set in the policy. A typical liability claim limit is $300,000 per incident (though this is much higher than the legal minimum in most places). In any case, presumably she’d be on the hook for any amount above her policy’s liability cap.

(Disclaimer: IANAIA)


This reminds me of a story an ex-gf told me, she was visiting her bf at the time (before we got together) and she had parked her car at one of those strip mall type of spots. When she came out she realized that somehow some asshat totaled her car, the person was speeding down the relatively empty parking lot and lost control of the car and rammed into the only other car in the area.


This is why you’re required to carry insurance in order to drive your car (well, not the only reason…).


throw a racist temper tantrum

Actually, I think she’s saying that the driver of the car she ran into is benefiting from white privilege, somehow.

(Edit: yeah, she’s the driver. The guy embarrassed to be seen with her was the passenger - who pretty clearly knows she’s in the wrong.)

It’s kind of amazing how many drivers don’t get how liability works. I recollect my father once got hit, driving in the left lane of a one-way street, by someone in the right lane who decided to do a left-hand turn through the lane he was in (and into the side of his car). The other driver’s excuse was, “But I used my turn signal!” implying it was my father’s fault for not getting out of their way when they wanted to turn. My mother once got seriously rear-ended while waiting at a red light by someone who tried to frame it as her fault.


But not everyone carries insurance, which is why your policy premium has an extra “uninsured motorist charge”.


I don’t know. The footage shown from the bystander seems to pretty clearly show her getting out of the driver side immediately after hitting him.


And I’m sure that a rich white dude laughing at her talking about calling the cops (lots of less loaded ways to phrase that during a heated exchange) helped her feel calm able to assess the situation rationally and dispassionately.


Driver mad that a stationary car rammed the front of her car

This is what I think of when I read “stationary vehicle”


All the belligerence was coming from her, directed at him. Laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation is a far better response than being angry about it, which is what most people would do. He clearly was not the one at fault for the accident, so why do you feel it was his responsibility to calm her down?


Ah, ok, I couldn’t expand that video before, but yeah she’s the driver - in a later video the guy is getting out of the driver’s side, which I could see clearly, and that confused me.


That’s why I have a 2 million umbrella policy on me and the wife. It’s actually pretty cheap.

In this sue happy country, especially owning a small business, I don’t want some fluke accident wiping out my retirement. Or if I make a bonehead mistake I also want to be covered.


See, now everyone knows who to insurance-fraudulate at.


Yeah, I’m of two minds about it. Not that my opinion means anything to something that happened on the Internet, in the past.

It’s not his responsibility per se, but generally persons in a position of power (Lambo drivers are often in this group) could benefit from being less of a dick. Laughing at someone in distress rarely helps.

On the other hand, yes, clearly she hit him and then came after him with belligerence, which sucks.


It’s not his responsibility at all. She’s responsible for her own actions, regardless of how you feel about supercar owners.