TikTok video of rear end collision called into question

Not unlike the driver who hit the front of my car several years ago. I’d been following her as she dawdled along at about half the posted speed limit for two or three miles. As we arrived at a roundabout, she indicated she was turning right, and proceeded to do so. Muttering ‘halle-fuckin’-lujah’ to myself, I started to exit the roundabout when I saw something out of the corner of my eye and she tried to force her way past on my offside, squeezing between me and the oncoming traffic, hitting my right, offside wing! We both stopped, and I asked her what she thought she was doing. She accused me of driving too close, a spurious argument, because we were in a stream of slow moving traffic, so I pointed out that she had indicated she was turning right, to which she responded, “well, I changed my mind!” :flushed: When I phoned my insurance company the next morning, I explained the circumstances, and what she’d said, so while I was on the line, he phoned her, and after a couple of minutes, came back and said she’d told him exactly the same thing! His comment to me was, “well, she’s just shot herself in the foot!”
I got a payout and kept the car, (it was about fifteen years old by that time, and worth £900), I kept the car and accepted £680, and the insurance company were still chasing her through the courts for their money as recently as last year!
The moral being, make sure you’re insured with a bloody good, reliable company!


I wonder if you can use that on an author of a novel? :thinking:

“I read your book and you made me feel my feelings!” :sob:

The guy is a high school dropout who started a business selling aftermarket air horns for trucks. I am not quite convinced he is the capitalist overlord we should be most concerned about.


You’re gonna need a time masheen for that!


Staying that calm, laughing about and commentating what just happened to you like you’re not really involved, but rather just an observer, means you know you’re able to easily pay for the repairs yourself if all fails. I’m not saying it isn’t her fault (it is) and her dissociation from what just happened isn’t cringe to watch. But driving around in a ridiculous expensive car instead of using that money to help underprivileged people, just limits my empathy for the Lambo driver.

Would you have had a higher opinion of the Lambo driver if he had not stayed calm, and was either upset/angry towards the woman or voiced concerns about whether he could afford the cost of the repairs?

I agree that it would be a better world if no rich folks spent that kind of money on cars and dedicated their wealth to helping others instead. But I’m really not sure if a Lambo driver could do anything in a situation like this that wouldn’t cause him to receive the kind of criticism you made, other than saying something like “I’m sincerely sorry I was in you way, I’ll buy you a new car and also donate $100k to a charity of your choice.”

Also, maybe worth pointing out that the lady was driving an Audi, not some economy car, so she’s apparently got a little more money to blow on cars than the average person too.

Edit to add: per new video evidence posted lower in this thread, it may well be the case that there were two separate collisions, with the first one being caused by the Lambo driver, which would obviously reflect poorly on him. If that’s true it would help explain the woman’s behavior, although the rear-ending that caused the majority of damage was still clearly her fault.


Pro tip: Do state location when relating driving stories. It took me until the pound sign to realise this did actually make sense. I’d fallen into the trap of assuming you were in a drives-on-the-right location. :wink:

I’d hope that even if she did not shoot herself in the foot, the slow-moving traffic would have produced some witnesses. Plus 1 for dashcams, nevertheless.


That would be “stationery”. Sorry.

Yeah, all of the above comments are true. The woman was clearly at fault and clearly in the wrong for belligerence and ignorance, etc. The guy seems to be calm and not violent or racist or any of the other things these videos usually feature. All told this could have been much much worse and it’s refreshing that it wasn’t.

Maybe the better way to put this is that, regardless of the circumstances, laughing at an upset person while you’re filming them feels icky and I don’t think it’s very nice. I guess I’m just overexposed to “look at how much of an asshole this person is being!” videos.


I have little sympathy for drivers who are a risk to themselves and others.


She got confused because (I suspect) she had an advance green light, and then suddenly, out of nowhere, this almost invisible car (well, it’s very low) came out of nowhere and bang!

That’s an…interesting read of the situation.


Yeah, anybody scolding him for laughing, get a grip. She charged over to him yelling this was his fault. He could tell from 50 feet away she was going to try to play this as his fault. He could have gotten into a shouting match. laughing and saying it was time to get the cops involved was the right move. He could have yelled a stream of obscenities. He took the high road.


I know. But it’s still what I think of


I think many drivers’ gut instinct is to double-down on their innocence, even when they are clearly in the wrong. They get aggressive, and/or they gaslight their victim. There isn’t much downside to it - if the victim is shaken by the accident or not a very assertive person, they might elicit an admission of guilt or convince them of a false version of events. And if it doesn’t work, well, the courts and insurance companies don’t care if you went full-Karen afterwards, unless you try to carry on with the fraud perhaps.

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I’ve been rear-ended a couple of times. One was a pretty serious collision. It’s like an adrenaline bomb going off in your body when it happens. Getting hit like that and then having someone aggressively and angrily get up in his face…well, nervous laughter is about the best you can hope for in the situation.


A couple years ago I was driving along at 35mph(the posted speed limit) on a 4 lane road when some guy rear ended me while we were moving. Scared the crap out me. We both pulled over and got out of our cars.

He was an old man, I looked at him and asked are you high? He said, no sir I don’t drink or do drugs. He was shaken up but he appeared coherent. There was more damage to his car then mine because he hit my trailer hitch.

I stayed calm and smiled the whole time because what was I going to do?

I decided calling the police served no purpose other than to make his day a lot worse than it was already going so off I went. I did follow him for a couple miles to be sure he wasn’t impaired. He actually drove really well.

As I told the story most people said I should have called the police and made a report because I could be injured and would need a report to sue. Even if I was injured there was never a chance I would sue an old man.

Also a couple years ago I rear ended a woman at a traffic light. The light turned green she advanced and then she slammed on the brakes because traffic in front of came to a stop. It was totally my fault for not reacting fast enough. I got out and apologized saying it was my fault we should call the police because she would need a report for insurance. The cops came, everyone was polite and calm and we were on our way. I got a ticket that required drivers school to not get any points and she had a couple thousand in damages but she never contacted my insurance company to get her deductible which in Michigan she is entitled to.

Point is accidents happen and how you handle it determines the ultimate outcome. The guy that was hit did everything right no point in getting angry.

One other quick story about remaining calm.

Several years ago my minivan died at the top of a freeway off ramp, I called a tow truck, it was a flat bed. As the guy was winching it up the cable broke and my minivan was heading down the embankment toward 2 lanes of fast moving traffic. At great risk to himself, the driver grabbed the broken cable and wrapped it around his truck. My van came to an abrupt stop half way down. He called another truck and they winched my van back up the hill.

The driver finally came over and said you’re remaining really calm. I said, you have insurance right? You’ll note what happened on the bill, I’ll have the vehicle inspected in the morning and you’ll pay for damage, right? He said yup and I thanked him for saving my van. There was no significant damage or charge for the tow.

Anger in most situations is wasted energy.


I agree. Second video with a little more context makes it clearer, but I’d say that was nervous laughter/laughter of disbelief at what just happened, and how she is the one angrily storming up to him.

And a followup video from the Audi driver, indicating the rear-ending was the second collision (and there is side-swipe damage to the Lambo). The plot thickens…



The thick plottens!

So Lambo driver cut around the other car because she didn’t go to his satisfaction, clipped her, then she rear ended him.

Bad decisions all around