This $24.99 dashboard video camera is worth every penny


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I hope this is a better version of the camera I used to have, but it looked identical. The ROM is so bogus I can’t enter the date (it won’t accept the year), and the video froze after 5 minutes of use.


StackSocial will be thrilled to know that I just mailed to them 2499 pennies!


So how does this work with insurance companies? Do they use the footage in court?


I think it’s now a prerequisite in certain countries to reduce or even get insurance cos they drive like f’ing morons there, just watch some dashcam footage on youtube and you’ll get the picture!

BTW 33 years driving and no claims or RTA’s so far, so yes a boring, law-abiding, careful, definitely very boring b’stard.


I know elsewhere, I’m curious if anyone in America has any experience with this process, benefits drawbacks all.


IDK, some terrible drivers in blighty too but the G sensor thingy seems stupid as you need to see before something hits don’t you?

Otherwise, a car could pull out 200 metres from you and stall or have an engine problem and because you were on the phone didn’t see it, the dashcam would show you crashing into the side of a car and having right of way it would be assumed from the footage captured at the moment of impact that they’d pulled out in front of you?

If I had one I’d record everything just to be sure and especially that great corner I just took.


Who stays firmly in the fast lane?

I kid! I kid! :slight_smile:


With the limited recording space dashcams loop continually, deleting the oldest footage as they go. The G-sensor lets the camera know “Hey, that was important, don’t delete the last minute or the next five minutes!” (or whatever it’s set to preserve when triggered).


NO, NO ,NO! It’s the overtaking lane, pls get it right.


I get it! As I thought it only activated when ‘Shit’! Happened.


Oh, I do, always, leading by example and all that. :slight_smile:


But how good is the low light recording? I don’t care how cheap it is if it can’t read license plates in motion in the twilight.


A lot of them also have a button so you can trigger the preservation manually, e.g. if something happens that you’re not directly involved in like an accident right in front of you or a totally cool bumper sticker or whatever.


Just remember to always pull it down and hide it when you park.

I had one, the thief didn’t know it was a cheap camera (or maybe even just that fact that it’s a camera will get them a few $$). In any case I forgot to pull it out once and came back to a busted in car.

'MERICA! :sweat:


Think of a day wiring a solar container with a local electrical contractor and you’ve done a fifteen hour day.

You’re returning to Wigan down the M6 and this retard has spent at least an hour and a half on the mobile to his wife whilst trying to drive responsibly (Not even close)! Up every other vehicles arse cos he weren’t paying attention, Had to hire the rental box van for him when he moved cos he’s got a shit load of points and couldn’t.

So luckily the van was limited and he’s fast a frickin sleep, got tired of waking the prick up and just steered the vehicle myself! Late at night so no real problem.

Nearing home put the wheels on the rumble strip to wake the retard up and said “Whoa! Mate you getting a bit sleepy? Nearly home bud”!

Every time I have to be in the same van as this guy I feel the urge to stick his mobile down his throat, wait till the new laws come into effect here in January, that ass hole is banned.

Never use one whilst driving and love to berate people who give me shit cos I didn’t answer them at that moment in time cos I was driving.


Yep, definitely a retard! :slight_smile:


Shit! Not ‘PC’ that word anymore. Permanently baffled too!


Seeing the license plate would seldom be useful, as for most accidents the other person sticks around. The main use is to see who is at fault, especially if a cyclist or pedestrian appears in front of you. Had one for years, thankfully never needed it. Recorded this once:


Had one come through a red light recently and straight in front of me causing me to avoid and brake hard.

Even gave me the finger when I beeped!

Also been clipped by a transit van wing mirror whilst cycling, so on the fence a bit.