Save over 50% on this collision-detecting dash cam

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Just make sure that this is legal in your territory, otherwise you might be in a lot of trouble. In Europe GDPR applies to filming of license plates, with fines topped at €300.000. In some countries it’s only legal fir the police to film traffic, so don’t even think about taking a video to police because you feel some asshat did something wrong. It’s also often not so clear whether or not it’s ok to have the dashcam running while the vehicle is parked.

It’s amazing that you can sell this for 42.5% of the normal retail price and still make a profit, because that implies the normal retail price is a massive rip-off.


So this dash cam detects collisions? Does it only activate when one is about to occur? How does one test it?

So many questions.


Be like a Russian, get on the internet.

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NASCAR racers say there are two kinds of drivers. Those that have hit the wall, and those that will.

rolling dashcam is a good idea.

muting mic on dashcam is good idea, too. passengers need privacy.

No, I think it turns you into a collision?

It’s hard to be young…I’m just a little crash now, and no one listens to me. :slightly_frowning_face:

But…someday…I hope to grow up to be a big collision! Perhaps this dashcam can help me achieve my dream! :grinning:


Collision detection is useless in a dashcam. Especially when mounted on a long flexible mount like that. It causes lots of false positives and only sporadically engages during actual collisions.

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Misread title as ‘collusion’; would love to point one at Trump & Co.


I’d be in the market for a dashcam with encrypted storage, so the data can’t be forcibly taken from me.

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You’d wear out the SD card with so many multiple writes…

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A Trump SD card can’t read, only writes with errors and can’t detect a collusion.


It will refuse to give you access to the data, even though the marketing promised it would be available.

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