Take a long drive down the road to peace of mind with this Dash Cam and save 71% while you're at it

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you’ll have the footage to prove exactly what went down

As if it’s not bad enough to know I’m a dumbass, now I have to watch the replay again and again.


As if it’s not bad enough to know I’m a dumbass, now I have to watch the replay again and again.

And as a special feature, when this camera’s built-in AI determines you were indeed at fault, all of its playbacks will either be sped up and soundtracked with Yakkety Sax, or slowed way down and soundtracked with a long, slow, low-pitched “Nooooooooooooo…” screamed continously for as long as the video plays.

And it will auto-post these special playback videos to your kids’ social media accounts.


Oh, I’m thinking that even having someone else dead to rights on video still involves fighting an insurance company. They aren’t a witness on Perry Mason who suddenly knuckles under and confesses to everything. That being said, video wouldn’t hurt - so long as the other guy really is at fault. Maybe folks need one of those SelectoMatic Chicago PD dash cams that mysteriously stop working whenever cops are at fault…

Does anybody here have experience with this particular camera, or advice based on the product description? I’ve been thinking about buying my first dash cam.

Hmm, the 71% off, $25 dollar dash cam at the Boing Boing Store looks like this $16 K6000 Car DVR Video Camera Recorder on Amazon, including free shipping from Amazon Prime. Dashboard camera reviews (who’s objectivity I have no idea of) says the K6000 is ok in daylight for a low priced device from 2013, but night shots are not so good and, thanks to poor quality control, good luck getting a working model - a key point if you decide to buy it from the Boing Boing Store, which is always “All Sales Final”. Fully half of the Amazon reviews for the K6000 listing I linked to are 1 star.


Wow, that was quick! Thanks for looking into it. I think I’ll save my money and look for something with better reviews.

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I dunno, the Boing Boing store promises this:

Trusted Source
We take pride in curating the latest and greatest creative
technology products around the globe. We personally research and
hand-pick each product to ensure it meets our standards.

It’s hand picked, not like those other stores that use robots to pick their offerings. And it meets “standards”…

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Well, it is hard to argue with “standards.”

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I like the cut of your jib.

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