Spectacular SUV crash through comic store


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Wow. That car was going fast. It’s a good thing that there weren’t any serious injuries.


So, which superhero finally stopped the car?


Captain Physics.


Whose insurance has to pay to fix that?


The real question is - which prices are they going to use for reimbursement?

Price on the tag, or real world replacement cost. :wink:


the driver was taken to the hospital for observation after having an apparent seizure

right… a “seizure”…


“Cleanup on aisle 3…4…5…6…and 7.”


You got the Miss Piggy?


I love the view at about 0:16 - the contrast between the reactions of the customer carrying his purchase to the counter (?) and the store clerk who has apparently worked retail long enough that nothing, but nothing, phases him…


Even the customer was surprisingly calm. Like, “Hmmm, maybe I will put these comics back on the shelf…wait no, it’s gone…”


No one was hurt

Except the precious things…


Liam1 said:

Whose insurance has to pay to fix that?
From their Facebook page:
One more quick note because I have had a number of people ask me. There is NOT a gofundme page for us. We do have good insurance so while we appreciate it there are people who are in much dire straights than we that your charitable money should go to. If anyone asks you to give to a gofundme page on our behalf we have no knowledge of it please do not donate. Thanks again to those who have helped and if you want to know what you can do for us, just swing by and buy something nice for yourself. It's a win-win!


Worst. Customer. Ever.


I actually pushed that comic store in the way to save some school kids.


Why doesn’t the driver’s insurance have to pay? Or is there some kind of split?


The comic book store’s insurance will pay the store for its damages, then go after the driver('s insurance) for reimbursement of the payout.


Where were the “POW” & “BOOM” & “CRASH” bubbles?


That store has excellent video coverage.


Totally underrated comment.