The story behind 5:04 PM, the art car made by the Loma Prieta earthquake

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Jesus H Christ hopping along the sidewalk on a pogo stick does this ever make me feel old.

ETA: My Loma Prieta story: I normally would have been at school for computer club (because of course I was in computer club) but this day I bought a copy of Phantasy Star for the Sega Master System from a classmate and had come home early that day to play it. I was going through a dungeon level when the earthquake hit. It was fucking terrifying. My dad was stuck in SF (I lived in the East Bay) and couldn’t get home because of the damage to the Bay Bridge and BART being out of commission. He didn’t make it home until around 2 am after getting a ride home from friends in Marin. He had also been mugged in the aftermath and had his wallet and pants pocket literally ripped from his jeans. So, yeah. Good times.

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If vandals came and completely fixed his car one night, would his insurance cover it?


It kinda looks like GMC’s Sprint/Caballero, its own version of the Chevy El Camino, but you know, like Gumby style.


I like the way your mind works.

So why is there no back window? Or was it altered as part of the art project?

I mean, that seems really unsafe. Even most 30s cars had a small back window.

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