Car launches into the air and embeds itself into building's second floor, everyone ok!


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Looking at the security video it looks like the car missed hitting a car and then launching itself into a city bus by less than a second


Bus driver is all “ain’t got time for this shit!”


Honey, I’m home.


I knew there was a purpose for 20" rims on an Altima. Now I know what they are good for. Altitude!


Imagine if they had put a big spoiler on that car


I know, what amazing luck - it could have been so much worse!


While that’s impressive, I think the Ford Pinto still holds the record for highest vertical gain in a car…


Woah. It’s a fairly near miss with the bus, too!


He must have heard the new Lego Boba Fetts were on the shelves and freaked out.

When he got out he was like, “Aristocrats!”


From the bus’ camera:


Just some good ol’ boys. Never meanin’ no harm.


When I first saw this I wondered how they’d get the car out of the building. I was imagining a standard tow truck driver standing there staring at the situation helplessly. Now I know that the LAFD has a truck seemingly designed especially for this exact situation.




That’s a bus full of some very lucky people. Damn.


Thank you! Added that to the post.


That was damn close, definitely would’ve hit the bus had it been a second faster. Glad everyone was ok.


All the jumps


The skid-steer with the scraper blade, supporting the car from underneath, is from the Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA), while the big crane truck is borrowed from from the Urban Search and Rescue California Task Force 2 (CA-TF2), sponsored by Los Angeles County Fire Department (LACoFD).

CA-TF2 digs people out of quake-collapsed buildings and other disasters for a living, and practices by responding to disasters all around the world.

So, yeah, they have some BIG equipment. (-:

Which is not to say that LAFD - the Los Angeles (City) Fire Department - doesn’t have some pretty impressively large pieces of equipment of their own - this just isn’t one of them.

This, fr’ex, is LAFD’s Heavy Rescue 103:


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