Car flies full speed over a tow truck and flips before crashing down (video)

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Man, them Duke boys are going to be in a heap of trouble.


Video is inadequate to say, but one has to ask what a tow truck was doing with its ramp down in an apparently open lane of the highway - and the outside lane, at that. Was the lane coned off? Were there any warning signs? A moment’s inattention from a driver at that speed and they’ve nowhere else to go but up that ramp.


I’m gonna make my guess “texting and driving”.

texting and driving at&t GIF by It Can Wait


I hope that the driver makes an equally speedy recovery.


Yeah, I’ve had that intrusive thought before.



The bottom of that looks smoother than I’d expect for an ICE. Tesla?


1: I hope everyone is okay.
2: I hope that this helps improve hollywood stunts in movies. (Because realism is what I crave in action movies?)

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There is a better version of this video on WSB-TV.

There is an overturned car already in the median, so that explains why the flatbed is there. But it certainly does looks like the tow truck is in the lane of traffic without any cones or warnings out.


Dang it. You beat me to it.

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The WSB-TV report calls it a Nissan Altima.

ETA: And can we just take a moment to appreciate what has happened in car safety in the past couple decades? I remember reading - in the 80s - about what went into making car jumps safe when the car lands on its wheels. It was a lot of effort, with collapsible seats and interior cages.

This unmodified (I assume) car did a similar-sized jump and tumbled on its side, then smashed into another car. This would not have been survivable 25+ years ago. The driver has serious injuries, but I’m stunned she got out alive at all.


flew 120 feet up into the air

More like 12 feet.


Or adjusting a setting on a touch screen


Yet more preposition abuse: into ≠ in

The car flew 120 feet in the air = it travelled 120 ft
The car flew 120 feet into the air = it rose to 120ft high

As for what that poor innocent “up” was doing there…

(Something about standards of literacy these days and lawns.)



So much THIS!!!

One of the most surprising offenders is Volvo - so safety-minded they refused to patent the three-point seatbelt - but who these days have all sorts of things only operable via touch screens.

There should be a law against it. Seriously.


Just two good 'ol boys
Never meanin no harm…

I watched a clearer video and yeah, it seems like this was caused by the flatbed truck operator not following safety procedures.

I don’t even blame the driver (much), though her speed was excessive, she looked to just be doing a lane change. And with no safety cones… well I’d say the fault was not all hers.

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Yup. Driving in Florida is a stunt show.

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