Pickup truck going 115mph avoids road block by flying through the air


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Drivers who double-park are the worst.


Isn’t this exactly why most places disallow police pursuit through populated areas?



I was just going to say, “Dem Duke Boys make it look easy.”

I wonder how fucked up their backs are?

Also, recently met Schnieder and Wopat. They liked my slouch hat. Nice guys. If your my age, a boy, and played with cars at all, you pretty had to spend a portion of your life throwing cars off ramps hollering “yeehaw!”


I was going to post something cute, like this:


But nowadays if I attempt to do so, I get a message akin to: “Is this a complete sentence?”. And it won’t let me post. Really BB? Grammar Police at this level? What’s next? Failure to post due to spellcheck?


And I heard the General Lee’s horn playing ‘Dixie’ in my head.


In previous news:


What is it about the South that makes people drive like that? And why are all Southern girls who drive Cameros named Donna?


That’s the “A” button on the steering wheel, right?


The driver definitely has something to eventually tell the grandkids on one of many, many visiting days in the hoosegow.

Great start in life, bonehead.


Thx fixed!


“Next up on Canada’s Worst Driver… our experts will teach the candidates how to properly hit a spike strip”


I can’t find the .mp3, unfortunately, but yes.


I saw the flying truck story on this morning’s news… Couldn’t believe it when they said nobody was hurt !


I have one friend (that I know of) who’s done this. And before anyone asks, yes, it was in the deep South.


You need one of those Cylon cars to do it properly.


It’s the all caps that triggers it.


Dukes: 1
Hazzard: 0


There are many things I like about Austin. The reckless stupidity of most of the drivers isn’t among them.