Interview with man whose car was wrecked by influencer bro's Tesla jump

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Wouldn’t the rental company be liable? (And then they can go chase the douche.)


Speaking as someone who just had to help a kid replace their car, even with their insurance set to ‘replacement value’, it was still a struggle to find a reasonably priced late-model car that hadn’t been rehabbed from multiple accidents in a prior life. It’s a jungle out there, and I imagine junkyards are being emptied out like crazy right now.


Elon, give him a Tesla.

Desus And Mero Pass GIF by Bernie Sanders


Yeah, I get so frustrated with my low mileage ‘05 Jetta (vampire battery drain, stupid 12v that never shuts off, auto door lock feature that is incredibly annoying, the lug nut some moron before me stripped), but then I think about trying to buy right now and it looks just fine.


Good luck dude.

(On Tesla rental: I recently rented from an airport Hertz up in the NE on a recent travel leg. They told me that they are getting a fleet of Teslas in the coming months. Does this mean that you have to sit and charge for hours before drop off? I can’t imagine doing that and trying to make a flight on time.)


Good music on his channel

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Elon, give him a Tesla.

One has to wonder about the practicality of that if thee only place to park is on the street.

I find it super interesting there are still neighborhoods with old houses who mostly lack garages.


Every house on my block has a garage, and it’s still lined with enough street-parked cars that it’s effectively a one way street. It’s ridiculous.


I have good friends who live a couple blocks from where this happened. I suspect that they’d be doing more than making a GoFundMe page if that douchebro had destroyed their car.


Elon, give him a Tesla.

So on days when he’s not actively finding some way to leverage hundred-billionaire status to inject himself into our eyeballs, we just summon him now?


Every time we’ve moved or done some project that consumed garage space for “not the car”, it’s always been a priority to get the car back into the garage as soon as possible. It’s an OCD thing that the car needs to fit in the garage.

We have neighbors who have never and will never get a car in their garages.


If it is a one car garage and you got a wife and teen, that’s 3 cars.


Elon, give him a Tesla.

The fanbois will provide every excuse in the book why he can’t/shouldn’t (u til he actually does, when they’ll do a 180 faster than Jim Rockford).

In any case, I hope they catch the garbage person who pulled this stunt and make him pay. With an attention -seeking idiot like this I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.


Your friends, while living only a few blocks from this incident, they likely live a world away from the lives of the people involved here. Almost no one here is interested in resolving this crime. They are only interested in maximizing the opportunity to increase their subscribers. Videos asking for help. Twitter posts outlining lawsuits. It’s all a means to the same end.


Surely this should be covered by the insurance of the rental company.


Its likely but i presume the process would be slow while the police and insurance companies work out wtf happened. I presume the victim needs a working car now, if so i understand the why of the Gofundme.


This is very common in California, because houses don’t typically have basements. Garages are used for storage and cars live in the driveway or on the street.


He’s in California, and that’s not how it works. He can get his car fixed now, his insurance covers it, and then all the insurance companies involved sue each other and/or negotiate amongst themselves to settle up later.

I suspect he doesn’t have insurance, and that’s why he’s asking for money on the internet. The American Way!


Youtuber talking to camera doesn’t usually count as an ‘interview’.

Someone should perhaps merge comments here with the comments here (where others may discover this guy is a YTer whose first ‘interview’ was taken down by the other YTer.)

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