An accident between an Audi and a Lamborghini leads to viral videos, Tiktok sleuths, and a lawsuit

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“I rammed into the back of him because if you don’t care about sideswiping me, then I don’t care about hitting your rental.”

So, they’re both nuts.


Assholes. Assholes all the way down.


In not going to go through all the posts about this incident, but one thing that has bothered me in the conversation is the “threat” to call the police.

From the original video, the gentleman’s intonation doesn’t strike me as threatening. Maybe condescending, but I didn’t take that as a threat or privilege, but a “let’s get a neutral arbiter to show who is at fault” (because of course it was you).

Everywhere I’ve lived, you either have to call the cops for even a minor fender bender (mostly FSU), or you call the police when there is an injury, major damage, or dispute over who is at fault. Insurance companies will often require this to settle a claim.

Wisdom of calling the cops aside, this is standard procedure to resolve a disputed claim, as the police are considered “neutral” arbiters.

But I do agree, this seems to be assholes all the way down.


The unfortunate thing here is - that the cost of repairing the damage to the metal/paint on her Audi will end up being 3000-10000 - the cost to fix the intentional damage to the lambo will be around 90,000 - she’s not going to come out of this for the better - which she really would have had she not… you know intentionally run into his car.


betting tesla has an angle for this or

This was a real mr toads wild ride. I secretly followed this hot mess strictly for train wreck can’t look away moments. I hate myself.


Don’t call the police. Take ‘em to video court. The court of public opinion.


That’s a mighty fine backhoe she’s using to dig that hole.

Sure, admit in public you intentionally rammed the other vehicle. Let’s pile up some criminal charges on top of that insurance claim. :woman_facepalming:


Exactly. A traffic accident can be expensive. Intentionally ramming another vehicle is assault, and depending on the state, assault with a deadly weapon.


I used to drive a delivery truck around Seattle for a wholesaler grocery company. One of my stops was on Capital hill on 15th. I had to use an alley to get aligned for the loading dock of one of my customers. One day turning onto the alley the back bar of my truck connected with a car illegally parked at a hospital entrance about 4 feet from the curb. My fault of course I stopped called a cop to decide and I got a ticket out of it but my boss was cool, shit happens, right?
Teh one thing the cop told me really stuck in its simplicity. You are not supposed to hit other cars. Period. If they are parked inthe middle of the street it is still your responsibility to simply not hit them. That made perfect sense. So in this case. If in fact he honked and she did not move and he sideswiped her, that was his fault. Ramming him is her fault.


Build better streets! More bicycle infrastructure. Walkable cities. Why did this happen? Bad road infrastructure. The bicycle did not have its own lane. The intersection is too large, and could use a roundabout, raised sidewalks are needed.

Massive fines for loud cars like the Lambo. Have gradual licensing where you have to drive a Kei car for a year, 650cc.


If this was on Reddit’s r/AmITheAsshole group, the consensus would clearly be ESH*.

* “Everybody sucks here”


First and foremost, please if you are writing about traffic events, stop using the phrase “accident.” It is a collision or a crash. “Accident” robs pedestrians, cyclists and law abiding motorists of agency when they are injured and killed by behavior that is, in nearly ALL cases, wreckless. In this case especially, it was preventable on all sides.

Next, what I’m seeing is the Lambo illegally turning into the oncoming traffic lane after waiting for it to “clear”. He’s going to the LEFT of the left turn lane.

And yes they are both nuts.



The only winners here will be the lawyers, if it gets that far.

“EVERYBODY LOSES!!! HA HA HA HAAAAA!!!” - Heavy Weapons Guy, TF2


Just Floridians being Floridian.

It’s so nice when a story has absolutely nobody to root for in it.


I’m waiting tomorrow for the next video that shows another version of the incident.


Interesting. While he did go around her in the opposite lane, what that video shows is that she did move forward while he was going around, lending even more credence that she caused both collisions, not just the second one. Lamborghini guy should definitely get a ticket for his actions, but she’s responsible for all the damage of both vehicles. As well as vehicular assault.