Car driving on wrong side of freeway is the perfect metaphor for people who won't wear a mask

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The only News story I could find for it has this video in it and it mentions an elderly driver.


The natural inclination of a wrong way driver (remember, they already got on the road going the WRONG WAY) is to chill in the right lane, which happens to be the fast lane for oncoming traffic, leading to the most horrific of collisions.


Given the news stories I’ve read people don’t wearing a mask are drivin drunk, or heavy drugs, or are trying to escape a police chase?

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Literally ran into the police who finally got in front of them in their own (wrong way) travel lane.

Some serious lack of situational awareness. I’m glad no one (apparently) was hurt. Could easily have been a multi-car, multi-fatality wreck.


When I was living in Japan many years ago (where drivers are on the opposite side of the road as to what I’m used to), I once pulled out of a video rental store, straight onto the wrong side of the road. It was nighttime and I was so certain that I was on the correct side of the road that I started flashing my headlights at the oncoming traffic.

Thankfully, I realized what an idiot I was and pulled off before anything happened. But, the worst part is that this happened after a year of my living there.

The guy in this video, though, is just an idiot.


Here’s Kevin Ayotte driving the wrong way on this stretch October 2019, then here’s Faissal Awad doing the same thing November 2019 in the same place. I wonder what’s going on with this section of freeway.


DeMaio pulled out his phone and was on the edge of his seat for the next three minutes, recording cars dodging the oncoming SUV at around 60 miles per hour.

Um…I was never the best math student, but wouldn’t this be doubled, coming from opposite directions? 60+60=120?


I have just about had it with tourists and locals alike being militant about not wearing masks. The county has made it mandatory that masks be worn while out in public here in the Keys!

And get off my lawn, too, ya buncha hippies!


One car? Shit, they’re all going the wrong way!


Anyone sticking on the road that long, at that speed, despite all the incoming vehicles is either seriously cognitively impaired in some way (heavily intoxicated or neurological collapse), or trying to kill themselves (and take someone else with them). Innocent mistakes don’t really come into it.

Hmm, so it still could be either of the two above options…

Well, if those examples are anything to go by, heavy local drug use?


I guess he was from the U.K.?

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In my experience as a former police dispatcher, people driving on the wrong side of the freeway are usually either impaired by drugs/alcohol or mentally impaired (like the stereotypical elderly driver, a stereotype I’m not terribly fond of. Upthread, the consensus is that the driver was “elderly” and had dementia.)

All of which is to say, I don’t think it’s the “perfect metaphor for people who won’t wear a mask.” Most of them people (and I hate to admit I’m often one of them) are quite lucid.


It was the one person sticking to the highway code, driving on the left. The whole country is driving on the wrong side.


wow could “Breaking Now” have a more seizure inducing twitter icon?


i quote this scene all the time. “how do THEY know where we’re going??” haha


Well, if they were, for example, suffering from dementia, then the responsibility falls on the those responsible for their care. But the fact is that a patient with serious neurological disorders but otherwise mobile needs to be supervised, and our “free market” does jack all to provide for that with predictable results that are often awful for the patient and sometimes for other people when they do something like get behind the wheel of a two-ton kinetic weapon.

To be clear, I have no idea if that was the case here and I’m emphatically not speculating on the cause of this specific situation. Just that I can readily conceive of a scenario where the blame is at least partially systemic.

Which, I suppose, is another good metaphor for the failure to competently manage a pandemic.

I’m just glad and amazed no one was seriously injured or killed.


The dickhead who’s constantly weaving between lanes because he’s concentrating on filming while driving probably isn’t the best person to be commenting on this, TBH.

Stop pissing about with your phones when driving, folks.