Car driving on wrong side of freeway is the perfect metaphor for people who won't wear a mask

What does it mean, then, when I am shopping in a store where I find myself outnumbered by maskless shoppers? Do the lanes reverse when enough drivers do it wrong?


Hey, this guy proved that it’s perfectly safe and it was law enforcement that caused a collision!



I’m also not so found of drivers who think they’re good enough to record video of such shenanigans while also driving one-handed on a freeway, drifting from lane to lane without signaling because they’re a hand short.


Uh, that’s clearly a suicide attempt at the risk of countless innocent lives.

Frightening to see the videographers not recognize that and/or call 911, instead of attempting to ‘go viral’


Holy SHIT was that hard to watch! This person cannot not be impaired. It looked like the trucker assisted, kudos! – you’re a great human being.


Uhm, he’s a passenger, giving the odd bit of driving advice…


the perfect metaphor for people who won’t wear a mask

Thanks, Mark. I liked the analogy, but seeing it hailed as ‘perfect’ on the front page feels weirdly satisfying.

What I really, really cannot grasp, however, is that someone with a professional medical training who must be informed about why and how a mask is worn would not wear it correctly and give others shit about it. That’s a bit like being a taxi driver professionally and a wrong-way driver in private.


This used to happen regularly where I used to live, in the UK. The “motorway” was the Marlow Bypass (A404). Halfway along its length, the slipway roundabout for Marlow had several exits and entrances the same size, and it was not clear to strangers that one of them was the exit slip-road from the dual-carriageway. From time to time someone got confused and ended up going down the exit sliproad and onto the motorway (actually an A-road), going the wrong way. After this happened a few times, the local council put up better signs and road lines. That made things more clear - at least, the problem stopped happening.


You’d think that, but the math works out otherwise, they even did an episode of Mythbusters about it.


If only they’d got the two cars up to 88mph they’d have passed harmlessly right through each other.


Here’s your trouble. There are a couple of offramp/on ramps alignments like this through there.


Hey, we may be demented (Boris, Brexit, etc) but we ain’t that dumb!

Also, (yeah, it’s probably uncool to pull this one on you, given the tragic circumstances but…) Anne Sacoolas comes to mind.


I didn’t say anything about impact forces, only speed. But thanks, your video confirms my suspicion at the 5-minute mark, “doubles the speed”.


Also works as a metaphor for the Trump Adminstration. Perhaps even better.

The police cruiser won’t arrive until November.
Let’s hope that what happens then will also be just a minor dent in the bodywork.

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Like most mythbusters “experiments”, this one is deeply flawed. You will not get the same damage crashing into another car as you will crashing into a concrete wall, no matter what the (relative) speed, simply because there’s no elasticity in the wall. A much better setup would be to compare the head on (50+50) crash with a crash at 50mph into a stationary car. The Mythbusters have a great understanding of what makes good television, but almost no grasp of experimental methodology.


It happens on motorways over here every so often, and elderly drivers are often the culprits, they don’t use such roads very often, use the off-ramp as an on-ramp, then keep driving thinking everyone else is overtaking into their lane!
Of course, there are younger drivers who just don’t know better, and/or are just stupid.
What got me was the fact that, faced with an oncoming police car pulling across in front, the driver tried to go around it!
It’s also possible the driver was having a really interesting phone conversation with a friend, probably about all these stupid drivers swerving in front, and the nice gentleman waving from the other carriageway!

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Well that just took this video from infuriating to just sad.

Car driving on wrong side of freeway is the perfect metaphor for people who won’t wear a mask

I very much prefer the way I initially misread that post title.

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1:25 the coroner van shows up, anticipating.

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If the driver has dementia as suggested, then it’s not any type of metaphor.