Nightmare dashcam footage shared by Australian truck drivers

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These are not casualty-free crashes, BTW.


This is so insanely dangerous. THEY’RE DRIVING ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD!!


We’ve solved that problem in the outback; a common setup is a two-lane dirt track with one lane of bitumen loosely slopped over the middle.

Two-way roads, no speed limit, road trains. :slight_smile:


The heck of it is that a lot of these guys are owner-operators in their own rigs. When some crazy driver gets into an accident with them, they not only have to deal with cost of damage and insurance, but they also lose their income until the truck is fixed.


The close calls are good fun but some of these aren’t appropriate. The T bone at :54 is not cool.


0:52, uncofrotable feeling we see someone die.

2:36, does the silver car actually take off after the cement truck it nearly ran off the road? Do people not understand how inertia works? I ked, I ked, of course they don’t.

3:19, hard to tell from the angle, but it looks like maybe the truck pulled into the back corner of the car sending it spinning across the road.

4:50, fault not clear. I always hated those Form 1 Lane signs. Just say which lane is ending. Even so, don’t jockey with trucks, they’ll win.

5:28, is the driver of the emergency vehicle who spun out yelling at the trucker on the radio?


I’m a transportation engineer, with over thirty years in the Kentucky Department of Highways, Division of Planning. For a period of several months one year I went through accident reports, looking for potential problem areas. Three things struck me.

First, the most common excuse given by the person who caused the accident was “I just couldn’t stop in time!” Which means they were following too closely and not paying attention.

Second, the account given by the person responsible for an accident will often be wildly at odds with both other accounts and physical evidence. Sometimes it seems like they’re describing a different event.

Third, there’s a lot of crazy/stupid people on the road who shouldn’t even be allowed to drive grocery pushcarts.


I would predict that one was a fatality :cry:


Not bad, but these fools will never be Imperators.


It’s long been apparent to me that people don’t understand that heavy trucks can’t stop and speed up or turn on a dime. That’s why I always get a little bit more wary around trucks; not because the truckers don’t get it, but because of the odds someone else will do something around them expecting a reprieve from the laws of physics.


Ugh, these are, like, snuff films.

It’s astonishing what people will say and do to evade personal responsibility for their behavior.


at 4:07 I was expecting one of these to pop out of the caravan as it flipped…


no, snuff films involve a power dynamic which is quite different from these encounters between individuals who have free choice at their disposal.

This isn’t ‘cool’ and I agree with you there, but snuff films are the work of sadists, and I don’t think we should equate sadism with road rage (or honest accidents, in some cases) if we want to understand the world around us, and people in general.


There’s that, but often such people believe they’re blameless because they can’t imagine they’re not perfect drivers and didn’t notice the reckless thing they did while they were texting or whatever.


Just last night I was finally able to get across to an old friend that someone we knew in common was incapable of being responsible.

Some people are like that. They look totally normal until they feel shame, and then holy shit stand back all bets are off.


We really need self-driving cars… especially on highways…

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I expected the new Mad Max movie to be a little more spectacular…


I am perhaps naively hoping that because it is in left-hand-side Australia that the impact happened on an empty passenger side.