WATCH: Semi truck narrowly misses car




Holy dog balls. He doesn’t seem to realise that he nearly died.


And you liberal elites said those double semi’s are unsafe. Did anybody die? I think not!


Fortunately he got the whole thing on video so he can relive the experience over and over again.


I don’t understand why anyone would stop to take video of crashed trucks… IN THE PATH OF CRASHING TRUCKS? People are so damned dumb about the road.


Yet another car does NOT narrowly miss the trailer towards the end of the video. People are asleep at the wheel.


Not inattentiveness, this was a terrible ice storm in the northeast this weekend. NY/NJ shut down a bunch of highways. Vehicles simply couldn’t stop. NH state police ran out of tow trucks to clear accidents (>500 on the interstates). I’m sure you can find other videos of people going 5mph and still spinning in circles.


Can somebody do me a favor and grab me a new pair of underpants? Thanks!


I didn’t even need to watch this to be freaked out, because I JUST DROVE HOME AT FIVE-THIRTY!!! Jesus fucking fuck, why does everyone want to kill me/die in the process? I need a drink. Big one.


Did I miss something? When he drives on, the first two trucks that had collided are gone.


The icy road, combined with the breakdown lane he was stopped in…

But yes, that truck swerved to avoid him and he seems oblivious to that. Also caused two accidents at least, in the oncoming lane, but its not the videographers fault for stopping on the side of an icy road!! And if the comments I have seen were his, the police are in agreement and sent him on his way.


Nobody wants to kill you. It’s just, nobody particularly cares that you make it home alive.


Or if they do, apparently. This is why I get the train to work.


Of course, that could never be you.

Why insult someone who was in an accident? Victim blame much?


The “breakdown lane” is for breakdowns. Also, one of the most dangerous places you can be in. Use it if your car breaks down. Use it if you are going to help someone who is in an accident. Do not use it to stop and shoot a video. If you do and cause other people to get hurt, I think you have no business driving a car, and perhaps someone should take your camera and use it to beat some sense into you.


Dude. Black ice is a breakdown. Sorry you disagree. Be sure to stop yourself in the travel lane sometime.

also ‘beat some sense into me’? Yay you.


I don’t see black ice, but I admit I wouldn’t know how to get past the two trucks in front of him

you know, the general asshole driver “you”, not the you “you”


Seriously? I can see why you count on other people to be more responsible. Good luck out there!


Fortunately there are a few US states where they’re still man enough to allow triple semis.


Have one before you leave and you’ll fret less.