No-one seriously hurt in crash that sliced car in half


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Who the hell is taking the video? It seems like the ultimate in inappropriate rubbernecking.


My overtired brain had a really hard time parsing this because of over-Califonification of car names:

“According to the CHP, Apol Lansang, 26, of Sonoma, was driving her Malibu south on Highway 101, near Geysers Road when she was struck by the northbound Sequoia being driven by Kevin Fenty, 27, of Huntington Beach, that drifted across the highway into Lansang’s lane.”

I guess I kind of wish they’d said “Chevy” and “Toyota” or something.



Someone could have got hurt


Last week I saw a wrecker north of Kettleman City, CA trying to figure out how to get a car out of the bottom of a steep ravine in the center of the opposing lanes of I-5. California highways are scary.


Better than the wreck I drove by on the way back from Kentucky Saturday. Lucky I wasn’t involved with it as it was in the other lanes, but it shut down I-70 for nearly 3 hrs


Airbags are a hell of a thing. Saved my daughter’s life a year or so ago, too.


“drifted across”

Was a handheld phone involved in this “accident”?


Why, it’s Tom Bond! Here’s an artist’s depiction.


Why is “accident” in quotes?

But probably either that or falling asleep.


I had to stop watching after the first 20s because it made me feel like a voyeur. The person who took this should be publicly executed on live TV with a giant egg-slicer. Or at least be given a severe tongue lashing.


Because very few “accidents” are accidental. As the number of dashcams increases, it also becomes increasingly obvious that many of them are preventable.



Crumple zones woo-hoo!


Very very rarely is an accident preventable. And in the instances that they are the insurance company invariably blames SOMEONE.

Two years ago I was changing lanes on the highway. I was driving at about 50mph as the conditions were cold but clear and there had been some cold rain earlier. Text book conditions for black ice. I had to change lanes as the person in front of me was brake checking non stop and while I was a comfortable distance away I wasn’t going to take chances being behind them. I moved to the high speed lane passed them and went to move back in. Hot black ice and my car went flying. I managed to straighten the slide out but couldn’t stop. I ended up on the median barrier. Just my car wrecked. 3 people pulled over to help me and told the cop who showed that they all thought the other person actually hit me. I confirmed they did not and it was definitely ice. The cope wrote the report but the insurance said “nope. Your fault. You should have controlled your car”. I replied “next time you hit black ice let me know what kind of control you have”.

In their eyes. It’s always someone’s fault.


I’d say nearly all accidents are preventable.

You’re right the insurance companies want to blame some one.

An accident is something that is unexpected and unintentional, whether that is spilling your milk or crashing your car. Usually there is SOMETHING one could have done to further prevent the accident, but it is a sliding scale between “yeah, should have known better to do something different” and “no way anyone could have foreseen this happening”.

I still think they are all accidents. An accident may or may not leave someone still liable or responsible for causing it.


Russian Youtube videos are full of crashes where people thought overtaking on black ice was a good idea. Just saying.


There is a difference between knowing there ice and hitting it unaware.

And traveling 50 to get around someone who was a danger in front of me was a smarter decision than staying there.

Just saying


When my parents used to live in Colorado about 8 years ago i was in the car with my mom. It had snowed quite heavily and the streets hadn’t all been cleared, and the one we were on was all iced over. My mom is driving 15-20mph, other cars around her were going a little bit faster than her but not recklessly speeding or anything. Anyway… my mom sees a light way down and figures we won’t make the light and starts to slow down safely ahead of time. The car still lost control and started to slowly spin and stopped dead in the middle of the intersection. Thankfully there weren’t many cars around so everyone was able to easily avoid our car and stop but i was surprised that even with my mom driving with extreme caution she still lost control of the car. Good thing no one or nothing got hurt/damaged.


Well, we’ve all see the “tape.”

That Kevin Fenty probably needs to turn off his phone while driving.