Semi truck fails to climb icy hill, then slides backwards and knocks over stop light


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I think I can
I think I can
I think I can
I think I can

Uh oh.


Busy day in Texas.


reminds me of this wholesome video aka grounds for divorce


As tired as I get about people complaining about vertical video in every single occurrence, THIS would have been significantly improved by shooting it in landscape mode.


LOL - I was going to post that, but end it with:

Oh… nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Oh fuck! Oh fuck! FUUUUUCKK!!! BAM!

Little surprised there weren’t sparks from the stop light hitting the wires.



It is not hard to drive in snow and ice.


The pole hit the lower wires which are cable/phone wires. Luckily for the people standing there, but unlucky for us who enjoy the sparky show.:zap::zap::fire::boom:


never really driven in ice but i enjoy rain driving. especially when it comes to cornering


my hometown of Longview, TX - specifically Hawkins Parkway right by the high school

the item of interest here - that is not just a light dusting of snow on the roads.
it is a layer of ice covering the road, with a light dusting of snow - on the ice

Also? I particularly like the way the light pole crumbles, then the POOF! of snow off the tree it hits…


An 18 wheeler sliding on an iced stretch of road is no time for a vertical video, people!


OH yeah - it did hit the lower ones. That makes it even more tragic, someone’s internet is now down!!!



No kidding it would have been better in vertical. Although I will never, ever tire of complaining about vertical video.


Hmmmm… ice and snow in Texas and balmy, dry weather here in Utah. Thats’ not how it is supposed to work. Wonder why?


Cause Obama wants to keep taking away them good oil jobs! Probly gave’em all to that Clinton Foundation.


With all the people standing around, you’d think someone would have the sense to flag down vehicles before the approach.

Oh well, who doesn’t love a little schadenfraude?


I was also expecting sparks and collapsing wires. I was cringing towards the end as the person filming moved closer to the utility pole, right under the wires.