9 minutes of Aussie-flavoured dashcam hell


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I like the lost wheel at 4:25.

Cursing is great!


I recognized that last guy.


OK. . . well. . . that was interesting . . now, time for me to drive to work.


Every time I got to thinking “well, this is a bit tame compared to the Russian ones” we had someone overtaking on the inside in the finest Crazy Taxi fashion. They all made it too. Is this some Aussie ritual of manhood? Do they have special places you can learn how to do this And Not Die?



I think some of them are a leetle confused as to which side of the road we drive on here.


I don’t know if Melbourne trams have dashcam. Approaching a set of parked cars (just about every block, after the intersection), to get past a tram this is routine.

Not only for speed racer tough-mans, although they do go for a closer pinch.


I see that good all-season tires don’t exist down under…


It says something about Straya where the swearing is more colourful than the horrible driving.

Also; there’s a lot of Skylines in there (to no Australian’s surprise).


In the US at least, we’ve improved the chances of driving on the correct side by using yellow paint for lines between opposing traffic.


Slippery roads and bad tires seem to be reason #1 for all these Aussie near-accidents. Reason #2: Silly persons.


no wonder there are so many accidents, they are all driving on the wrong side of the road!


I always enjoy when drivers in the middle of maneuvering for their lives still find time to lay on their horn.

“You may have killed me, but I avenge myself with this irritating tooting noise!”


Sweet zombie christ.

Look at all those people driving on the wrong side of the road.


Ending with a fuck-tard, brilliant!



I love the happy little bounce the lost wheel does, like it’s really enjoying it’s little trip out.


There’s a subreddit devoted to dashcam videos, and a cadre of the users there like to post their own videos depicting every traffic infraction that they’ve encountered, no matter how minor. It’s like a huge bug collection consisting of nothing but house flies.

I don’t know if it’s because I can understand the curses, but compared to some of the off-the-wall Russian dashcam videos, these seem a little house fly-ish to me.


I suspect it’s like too many Californian drivers, they just don’t know how to operate a motor vehicle when this mysterious liquid falls out of the sky and coats the roadways. Every time, it’s like some people are trying to remember their high school driver ed class, and coming up short: “Ok, do I speed up when the roads are wet?”

Well, not all of them…


At 5:47, where the dashcam owner is entering a roundabout - isn’t the dashcam owner the one at fault there? My understanding was that those entering always yield to those already in the roundabout, and those in the outer lanes always yield to those in the inner lanes.

But I don’t drive (1) much, (2) in a city with many roundabouts, or (3) in Australia.

EDIT I rewatched it it seems and my habituation to drivers being on the right tricked me or something - the dashcam user is the one already in the roundabout - the person who cuts them off is entering as they try to exit.