Supercut of British drivers swearing at other drivers


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@daneel so is this you out for a Sunday drive?


Are dashcams popular in the UK?

Also, I’m not familiar with British road rules, is there some reason someone turning left from a left side street where there doesn’t appear to be any lights and a person on the main road appears to be several hundred feet back wrong?


Long video. I watched the whole thing. I enjoyed it. What’s wrong with me?


These people seem really stressed about a lot of things.


I believe those are roundabouts, the British alternative to controlled intersections.

(Some however may be long-running practical jokes…)


“Fuck” was deployed copiously!


That can’t be a real picture. I’ve driven roundabouts in France, but I refuse to believe that anything looking like that was allowed to be built.


I always thought that was an American word.


I miss driving back home.


And there are others. (shudder)

Note that it was voted the fourth scariest junction in Britain.


“FUCK” is universal to all walks of life. My dog says it 100 times a day.


From the wiki:

Virtually the same overall configuration has been in place for 43 years. Nobody has ever successfully navigated all the way across.


Good lord. It only has 4 streets that feed into it. Why didn’t they just build one roundabout?


That survey puts Spaghetti Junction at number 1? That’s not scary, just a mess.


Just so. When its -39 here in Winnipeg, even nuns stepping outside automatically say “fuckitscoldout.”


That’s precisely the evidence we needed to confirm my findings! Thank you Sir and or Madam.


I swear, it seems like it’s the same blue hatchback in half of the clips.


If you prefer lights we have those, too.


That would be telling.

We want information. Information!