The Miracle Club: How Thoughts Become Reality


… perhaps assuming @KathyPadilla was into some serious physical therapy (ex: trying to regain use of her hand?) Otherwise, I’d say that, in her case, it was a matter of “incredibly casual assumption”; I assume she knew implicitly that her hand would move at her command.


Now, let’s get these other piggies wiggling.


What the hell is tripe like this doing on BoingBoing? I’m not surprised to find narcissistic new age fantasy-science on the net, but here? Heads up Cory, Mark, Xeni, Rob - do you feel good about being associated with this sort of thing? It’s not just made up feelgood crap designed to milk money from the miserable and desperate, it’s peddling an ethos that’s a great tool for social control as well.


When your check clears, the Ascended Master will initiate you into the next mystery level


Dude, how about this book/interview?
We are talking about the same set of ideas, just with a different spin.


When you’ll have a noetic experience, you’ll know. Apoloigies for brevity, but this opens a whole new bubble.


Mr Horowitz have been writing for BB himself, and had his work featured multiple times. So, clearly the BB folks feel good about being associated with his sort of thing.


The “different” spin is that “Dark Star Rising” is an analysis of the role mysticism and the occult and other such woo (including the power of positive thinking) plays in the American alt-right. It doesn’t actually buy into this paranormal garbage itself. From the review you linked to:

Lachman is an erudite scholar of occult history, and he combines his encyclopedic knowledge of esotericism with his ability to clearly explain complex ideas to good use in Dark Star Rising . He wisely avoids ascribing any kind of paranormal efficacy to occult practices, and instead presents what can, and often does, happen when zealous people apply occult-influenced ideologies to the real world.


There are things that science cannot study.

Because science cannot study something does not make it true.

Dressing miracles and supernatural powers up in pseudo-scientific gobbledegook does not make them true.


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