Theodicy for kids




I don’t think I get it. Is the joke that people are suffering horrid deaths from a terrifying disease? Or is the joke that some silly people still remain theists despite the problem of evil? I’m sure it’ll be very funny once it’s explained.


Waiting is fun!


I did a double take on the URL bar to make sure I wasn’t huffing the boing boing again.

@beschizza Can we anticipate another run of book covers?


Yes. Incubating.


OOooh, can’t wait!
I know I can always rely on boingboing to show me wonderful things!


No! Bad!


What a lame joke.


Ahh boing-boing. Just couldn’t help yourselves, eh? I mean, what is MORE funny than ebola? Well, I guess its funny to a bunch of sheltered techno-weenies whose biggest challenge is finding wifi at a coffee shop.

For the rest of us, who are actually horrified that thousands of people are dying in the most graphic way possible, not really so funny after all. But don’t worry, I’m sure Cory will post something about Disney and make it all better again.



I’m sure it couldn’t possibly be commentary on the ridiculous philosophy of Theodicy utilizing current affairs in news? Demonstrating a convergence in advance (or not?) of a conversation soon to be begun by whatever asshole qualifies as Pat Robertson these days?

No? Impossible, there is no mention of said philosophy anywhere near this post.

Yes. The waiting is over. Rejoice.


This brought to you by the same people that think billboards spouting messages signed by God are helpful. Just once I’d like to see one that says “Birth Defects? Yeah, I could fix those…but I don’t.” God


Yeah, God is kind of a jerk like that.

But then again, when I played Populous/SimCity/SimAnything/CivX-5 etc etc, it isn’t hard to see why God does & doesn’t do this stuff.

Say, Pat Robertson, did you ever consider that God is just a child/childlike creature playing a God Game?


Bot flies!


Disney Characters with Ebola?


That looks like a rage virus victim.


Robot bees is one thing, but flies:smiley:


I am pleased… but the cat?.. oh noes…


And this:


Ummm. I’m not sure that being funny or inciting laughter was the aim of the graphic (or the BB post)…


That’s where the idea for the post came from. Someone in the comments said “How God Gives Us Ebola”. Someone else shooped it rather poorly, and someone else thought it was a wonderful thing.
Ett Voyla!! (sic)(k)