Steve Harvey disproves evolution


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In general I don’t take comedians/entertainers opinions on anything as relevant.

Their knowledge and talent lay in other areas.


For true consternation: Meredith Vieira hosting the Rose Parade
She make Steve Harvey sound like Jared Diamond


“Why we still got monkeys?”

Well, the pet store was selling them for 5¢ a piece. I like monkeys.


And what would those areas be, in this case?


Now I’m surprised we still got monkeys. At that price we shoulda sold out by now.


“If you’re an atheist, you’re basing your goodness and morality on… what?”

On what’s good and moral, Steve. Some of us somehow have the ability to know that things like rape, murder, and stealing aren’t good. It says a lot that he thinks that without the Bible, people instantly don’t know how to behave.

“What is an atheist? When I talk to people, [and they say] ‘I’m an atheist’, I walk away.”

This is a guy whose career is built on his talk show geniality, and he doesn’t even bother to interact with people who he doesn’t understand. And he feels he’s morally superior? He’s certainly ignorant as fuck.


“Where’s your moral barometer?”

Maybe Steve should ask all those dudes in prison with crucifix tattoos.


That’s why I bought 200. I’m giving them out as Christmas gifts!


According to him, my netbook that still dualboots to XP apparently disproves Windows 8.


My favorite reply to “why are there still monkeys?” Is to say “If the Pilgrims came from England, why are there still British people?”


You know, strategically, it was a real mistake for the Christian institutions to keep doing their denial of science thing. The secularization that’s always put up as a fear idol comes in large part from the fact that they’ve positioned themselves as the counterpoint to scientific advancement and education, which can lead people to turn away from their institutions when they access those resources. Sure, the strategic benefits of less religious dilution and a sense of us-against-them outweighed the risks of forgoing new technology in the past, but it’s really not a sustainable idea right now.

The rate of advancement in technology, in my view, is speeding up, so that being fifty years behind in 2050 will be the equivalent of being one or two hundred years behind a century before. The selective acceptance of technologies by fundamentalist Christians can mitigate these effects somewhat, but I think that either large Christian institutions will do an about face on the subject of new technology, or attempt a conversion into a system like Ultra-Orthodox Judaism.

I really don’t think the institutions could or want to handle the inevitable drop in population in the latter scenario, so it’ll be really interesting to see how the Christian institutions handle this issue in the future.


Entertain audience between advertisements


And quite joyfully so… blissful, even


He is an accomplished comedian.

Not everyone can be Dmitiri Martin.


Ah, the old favorite "why we still got monkeys?" argument - a much loved part of the “you’re dumb because I don’t understand science” stance. I’m sure he thinks it’s a really good argument because it’s never actually been used, given that he immediately walks away.


Plus it’s not even a good ‘why are there still’ argument.

Is ‘weighing less than a cat and eating bugs in trees’ something humans are particularly good at?

Only our larvae are even close to small enough, and they’re kind of useless.


Scientists hate this one weird trick!


Steve Harvey walks into a bar. He orders a drink, then strikes up a conversation with the guy next to him, “Hey buddy, do you believe in God?”

The guy replies “yes, of course.”

“Great” says Steve, “what church do you go to?”

“The Church of Satan.”


Wait wait, I know this! It has something to do with coconuts, right?