The mystery person who spies on theme parks from the sky

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Bio is just an all-around great person. Meeting him was like meeting a warm hug - tough to describe but really enjoyable.


After September 11, WDW got a no-fly zone, which is probably a good idea for all locations or events with a high density of people and newsworthiness. So I wonder how bioreconstruct gets around that.


My understanding - and I could be wrong - is that it’s possible to apply to the FAA for a waiver from this NFZ. Assuming you pass the vetting process, and I’m sure some other notifications, you’re okay.


The No Fly Zone never made much sense to me as a measure to protect the public against bad actors, especially at Disneyland. The rule is that aircraft need to stay 3 miles away, but anyone with the intent to do harm would have already done whatever they’re intending to do by the time anyone realized that they’d violated the airspace, let alone have time to react. And what possible response would even be useful anyway? They aren’t going to post people with SAMs on top of the castle.

Pilots accidentally violate the airspace all the time, usually with no penalties.

Operation of drones probably should stay restricted but that goes for lots of places.


I just assumed the reason for anonymity was the problem of No-Fly-Zones.

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“Walt Disney World Resort takes a comprehensive approach to security that includes some measures that are visible and others that are not.”

I’m forced to assume that the “Disney utilidor system” actually contains a full cold war tier continuity of entertainment infrastructure; along with internal stabilization delegates who will break you; but not character.


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