The North Pole is 36 degrees warmer than normal

I cannot believe humour is the extent of what we see about this. How is this not a fucking cataclysm, front page on every paper on the planet? Politicians obviously know shit is real. Everything we ever do only matters if there’s a future.


The Washington Post article didn’t even include this scary graph:

Graph created by Zack Labe who does a great job on Twitter of providing data and graphs like this, linking to this data set, showing how they were created.

That’s the global sea ice, so it combines the ice from both the Arctic & Antarctic. It was another low year, but just continuing the overall trend, then in September things really went off the rails.

Another graph from Zack Labe this time focusing on just the Arctic sea ice:

Once again, the Arctic sea ice was low, but during the end of the summer it didn’t quite break the minimum sea ice record that was made I think in 2012. Then later on in the fall, it started making records and now the graph is going the wrong way.

This is likely going to result in a really low maximum amount of sea ice in the Arctic in which will set up 2017 to likely break some records with a new minimum low.


The existentialists took over long ago.

Where did you get that? Is that the North Pole for real?

Sadly, yes [1].

Do a Google Image Search for Lake North Pole and you’ll find countless pictures.

[1] It’s on sea ice; as the ice moves, so does the lake. By late summer it may have drifted hundreds of miles. But it reforms each year at the pole.


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