"The Pez Outlaw" tells an exciting story about the world of Pez collecting

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The market value has dropped by more than 80% from its peak? I guess it really was a bubble.


Why was it such a big deal to import pez dispensers?

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As I understand it, there were/are different dispensers in different markets and, probably for the usual licensing reasons or just executive indifference/whim, many weren’t available in the US.

And collectors, as always, would/will pay quite a lot for otherwise unavailable items.

So this guy would get non-US dispensers, discontinued dispensers from old stock, factory prototypes, etc. in bulk and bring them to the US.

Apparently it wasn’t technically smuggling since the importation was more or less legal. The acquisition and subsequent sales perhaps less so.


You summed up the trailer succinctly. Except the SWAT commandos.

I honestly don’t know what’s the most hilarious in this trailer. The thick German accent at the end, maybe.
Just recommended this to some family members who have kids - collecting PEZ. Will watch. Seems like a trip down memory lane, with all the 80s nostalgia kicking in in the trailer alright. Wundervoll.


I read about this story years ago, and when I try to describe it to people (“He was smuggling these rare bootleg Pez dispensers through a war zone in the Balkans”) they think I’m making it up. The best part (mild spoiler alert) is how Pez eventually figures out how to bankrupt him.

where to watch?


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