The prosecution of Daniel McGowan and the Earth Liberation Front.

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I remember some of the ridiculous dragnet efforts of the fumbling bureaucracy of imbeciles of that time, it went on to at least 2004.

9/11 didn’t necessarily redirect any of the effort spent, why would redirection be the choice of an agency with the fattest blank check in it’s history?

The feds were lurking in an email group/distribution list where I was a member. They got triggered by something someone said and began sock-puppeting with some idiots who immediately didn’t belong & made everyone suspicious.

After a few weeks the list started to get quiet as no one liked the idea of these assholes listening in on, and obviously misconstruing, the convo.

Being quite legit (not that it matters) I was incensed enough to call a ?? Idk, field office in or near Seattle and ask directly wtf. They were not forthcoming as you can imagine. I spent some time on the phone with an agent pointing out how sad and transparent their efforts were with regard to our group, and expressed that their low level of competence was perhaps how they remained spending time hunting ELF members when their cohorts had mostly moved on, politely I did this.

I then assured them they were barking up the wrong tree, and asked that they at least stfu in our group as it was porous enough that there was no reason they’d cease monitoring & no valid steps the admins could make that wouldn’t have the same chill effect as their dumbass phishing contributions to the discussions.

They didn’t post anymore.


This is an excellent documentary!


radical environmentalists are a threat to capitalism, not democracy


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