The real story of the Nazis' drug use


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…and don’t even get me started on their incessant attention to grammar.


The one time the Nazis did bad paperwork!


Cocaine has that effect on you, and also makes you think your views are of interest to everybody.

(Perhaps I should deliberately misuse an apostrophe and see what develops.)


If the Nazis had abused barbiturates with as much zeal, the war might still be dragging on.


Don’t forget Hitler’s fart pills laced with belladonna strychnine. Herbal quacks were even more prevalent back then.


The Nazis were partying like it was 1933.


Does anyone know what historical quirk led to the fact that American forces used(and at least in places, still do) unmethlyated amphetamines; while Axis powers seem to have preferred the methylated stuff?

I know that the guy credited with discovering methamphetamine synthesis was Japanese, which might have contributed to greater local awareness; but he made the discovery right around the turn of the 20th century; so odds are that it wouldn’t have been much of a secret several decades later.


Couldn’t they have gotten some help from IBM?


Any post about Nazi Meth should be tagged for Breaking Bad spoilers.


And soup. Oh, were they ever particular about how could have their soup.


German military units and aviators were dosed with the patent methamphetamine-based drug Pervitin…

Pretty sure I got a few doses of that, right around puberty.


What? No mentions of Herr Drumpf’s speed habit?


Maybe if the Nazis had taken MDMA the atrocities and war would have never happened.

Apparently there was a shortage of one of the precursors in Germany that stopped research in the late 20s.


Go into a modern-day German pharmacy and then tell me that again.


I think you vastly overestimate the extent to which those high on coke have considered, not only what everyone else thinks about what they are saying, but also what they are, in fact, saying.


What honestly sound like fantastic bad ideas are “Fliegerschokolade” and “Panzerschokolade”.

Sugar, fat, delicious chocolaty flavor; and meth; all in one convenient, relatively nonperishable, package.

Probably lousy for you; but must have hit the spot after a hard day’s blitzkrieg.


I’m not a chemist or a historian, but might it have something to do with methylating limiting the free speech of the amphetamines?


Well, methylation does stifle DNA expression; so you could be on to something…


something generally similar is still sold - Scho-Ka-Kola, dark chocolate with caffeine and kola nut