The ridiculous and fun Password Game parodies the frustration of picking a password

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Yeah, I got to rule #25 before it became all too much for me.
But it was a delightful time getting there, so I don’t mind that much.


I gave up at algebraic chess notation, but had fun along the way.

I looked at the rules elsewhere. My wife made it 20 or so in, told her she’d flip when I told her the last one. I was right :smiley:

Retype your password. Cut and paste is disabled


I popped over to lichess, I didn’t spot the checkmate in 2 from black in my puzzle. I’m assuming it has a bank of puzzles.

I remember The Oatmeal had a great comic about creating a password, and some of the ludicrous rules involved. Among my favorite lines was “If you want your password to be ‘boobies’ you should be allowed.” That and “Password must include an ancient Egyptian or Mayan hieroglyphic.”

I’ll preserve your spoiler but just say I ran into this very rule when switching projects recently - and the (temp) password was a 60-75 character hash needing to be entered through an air gap. I thought they were joking.

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So, why is Be4 incorrect notation?

You’re capturing a piece, so it’s Bxe4.

Edit- oh, and you’re playing as black, so you count the numbers from the top from your POV so it’s actually Bxe5

Edit again - oh, perhaps you meant the other bishop. In that case, you’re putting the king in checkmate, so it’s Be4++

Final edit- see, this is why they put it in the game

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Im not capturing though. I’m moving my bishop next to the other to cause checkmate.

It accepted Be4+, but not Be4++ but that doesnt seem to be the best move? Hmmm.

Edit: it wanted Bb5+, even though that allows the knight to block. Weird

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