The runaway greenhouse effect, how scary is it?


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This is exactly what has always annoyed me about threats of the “Venus scenario.” The reality is awful enough, but scaremongering with threats that are really not possible doesn’t strengthen the case - it weakens it.

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Well, suppose we brought all the LNG from Titan back to Earth and burned it with the oxygen here… then, yeah, you could create an epic runaway scenario.

It’s true - our plan is FAR from perfect. But we WILL be able to burn off most of this planet’s indigenous life during your 21st century, just in time for our 1st Wave landing craft to drop off the initial billion colonists.

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Topple western civilization?

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Wait, what? We’re civilised?

Yeah, we might as well just start calling what we laughingly refer to as civilisation an economy, plain and simple. Or maybe a squanderonomy.

After all, we were downgraded from citizens to consumers years ago.


I see that the climate change/impact deniers have invaded the comments under the article there already.

What to have some fun? Post this NASA link:

And then watch them tell you all the batshit crazy reasons why NASA doesn’t understand science.

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Is this guy really saying that “if 10x causes A then x won’t cause A”? A scientist spouted such a logical non-sequitur? I can’t believe it. Either something’s gone horribly wrong with this report and there are missing premises, or his brain’s fried.

This is the only thing that makes me glad I’m past the halfway point in my life.

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