The saga of Ian Bogost's pressure-washer


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Bog bless you Cory for reading this site, as I can’t bring myself to click the link. But yes, this appears to be beanplating of the first order and I congratulate you for recommending it.


Most sports talk is this.

/Cory, thanks for the link, that drain-clearing hose might be handy one day.
//Mind you, that hose would sooo need a cam!


Slightly OT I watch my neighbours pressure-washing their cars and motorcycles and wonder if I should tell them why this is not a good idea (drives the road dirt into the paint and can drive water under the exposed seals on bikes.) This is the kind of subject on which it is very unwise to suggest to people that they are doing it wrong. It’s like pressure washing curbs, as apparently Mr. Bogost does; gets the weeds out but also removes mortar until the curbs get pushed out by a car tyre.
Pressure washers; a solution to a problem which itself creates new problems.


are pressure washers one of those things, like lawn mowers, that every suburban homeowner needs to own?


I think it might depend on the attachment, pressure and how they’re using it in general. I would not want to use it to blast dirt off a vehicle unless it was the wheels, maybe for washing off soap off a car but then again you could just use a regular hose with a spray nozzle for that.


Don’t forget to winterize your power washer before leaving it in the shed for winter.


My friend actually has two sheds. And that’s what I call her occasionally.


Yes. I just used to clean a dirty bird cage. It was like magic. Wish I could clean everything with it.


I guess it depends. I never had one, though we rented one over a decade ago when we painted the house after I got laid off and had some time to kill. :slight_smile:
My father in law gave us an electric one a while back that he didn’t want and it does come in handy cleaning the metal tables and the pavers that make up our patio out back.
If I had to think of one thing that is a necessity it’s a cordless driver.



Reminds me more of this:


are pressure washers one of those things, like lawn mowers, that every suburban homeowner needs to own?

No, they’re one of those things, like leaf blowers, that every suburban homeowner that happens to be a massive jerk thinks they need to own. A “Christ what an asshole” subset of suburban homeowners, as it were.


I used to think cordless drivers were for wimps till I built a shed with over 800 screws in it.


They are for wimps. I use a corded power drill when I need to drive 800 screws. More he-man.


It was using the corded power drill that put me in physiotherapy due to the strain on my shoulder from the weight at awkward angles. That’s why I bought the cordless drill. If it puts the screws in, and it is a tenth the weight of the power drill, why not use it?


I used to think god killed a puppy every time a leaf-blower was started up. Until I bought one. Our property would look abandoned if we didn’t have (and use regularly) a mower, blower, weed-wacker and pressure washer. Seriously. Even with these devices it is a constant battle to stay ahead of the growth and grime.


Saving up for a
Factory Reconditioned Makita LXDT04CW-R 18V Cordless Compact Lithium-Ion Impact Driver Kit:,default,pd.html

I finally wore out my Makita 12V. Impact drivers are such a step up from regular cordless drills with a screw tip. Balanced better, and the grip of the Makita is a comfortable fit for my hand size.

800(+) screws for a shed build?!? Aye carumba!


Y’all are crazier than a bunch of shoelace fanciers.