The scientist who transplanted monkey heads


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Dr. Sergio Canavero’s plan to perform the first human head transplant

Wouldn’t that actually be a body transplant?


Interesting documentary, but I’ll be damned if the soundtrack didn’t make it sound like a Faces of Death flick.


So in terms of predicting future technology, do we give the credit on this one to the Star Trek episode “Spock’s Brain” or to Frankenstein?


Which came first? Monkey head transplants or monkey ass transplants:


Warning: this video is rather graphic.

@crenquis, this does NOT translate into a request for animated gifs of said video.

BTW, you’re not Icky Bob, are you?


You can call me Ichy Bob, big boy.


Apparently, it’s easy for people to forget that all videos are “graphic”.




Eyerolls too can be graphic.


Mmmm, when par-boiled like that they give the most satisfying Pop when one bites down!


I’d take a head transplant. That’s some seriously awesome retro science fiction come to life. It’s definitely a better sounding future than bowing down to my robot overlords. Does medicaid cover the procedure?


So I’m thinking…eyes can blink and the mouth can bite because those nerve pathways stem from the top of the spinal cord, but what about the body from the neck down?


That is the one problem with the procedure right now, the person or animal whose head is transplanted kinda become paralyzed from the neck down.


“neck graft”


Yeesh a disembodied, living brain. What sensations would you feel? Would it just be intense pain? Is there any consciousness?

Truly the stuff of nightmares. The blackest.



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