The search for the world's greatest card cheat

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I’m pretty sure John Scarne knew more about card cheating and was more skillful at card manipulation than anyone else in the world in the 20th century. Though since Scarne wasn’t a cheat, Mr. Sanders or whatever his name is might still hold that crown.

Let’s start a John Scarne vs. Dai Vernon flame war, please.

Scarne certainly was very arrrogant and full of himself. But I think he was legitimately skilled, too.

I’ve owned a Dover edition of The Expert at the Card Table since the 1970s and it’s a wonderful guide. But I always wondered: Since S.W. Erdnase spells E. S. Andrews backwards, has anyone dug into whether there was an E. S. Andrews who may have had the skills to write the book?

Actually it’s all discussed at length in the Wikipedia article. Of course.

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