The self-driving cars wars have triggered vicious shenanigans over top engineering talent


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This kinda cracks me up…


Frogger: Xtreme

Or, more timely,

Crossy Chicken - Clucked Up



I had always imagined self-driving cars going through an intersection looking something like a marching band drill. One line of cars passing seamlessly through another.


When the Robot Overlords finally come, that’s the theme music we’ll be stuck with.


You hope. The alternate wouldn’t be fun…


(From the robot planet in Futurama. Can’t find the video clip)




Maybe autodriving autos aren’t such a hot idea after all.


Typical non-competes are only 1 year, even in Massachusetts. You may want to correct the initial post…


If that’s what the world of self-driving cars is going to be like then I’ve decided I don’t want mine to have any windows. I’d just be trying to instinctively curl into the fetal position with my eyes shut tight the whole time anyway.


I wonder why the system needs a human to take parcels off the conveyor and drop them on to the robots?

@Papasan There doesn’t appear to be any allowance for pedestrians in that scheme.

With self-driving cars on the way, can Judge Dredd style mo-pads (mobile homes on autopilot, following and endless nomadic route around the city) be far off?


In the future: Walking is verboten.


Yeah, just don’t get a ticket…


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