The sounds of (old) computer games loading

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I still know exactly how an Apple II floppy drive sounds as you power the system up, which was an artifact of just blindly whacking the drive heads against the stop rather than spending a few bucks on an optical sensor to determine when Track 0 was reached.

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I know that sound, as well as what certain key games sounded like on the Apple II when they were booting. “Sneakers” would also spin the floppy drive just as a sound effect between levels.

Also: Knowing your program was swapping badly because you could heard the hard drive working hard.


Hell, the hard drives weren’t much better. The 20MB SCSI drive I had attached to my Mac Plus back in the early 1990s was anything but quiet.

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Not if you had one of these.

Or, alternatively.

“n-bit” was a scheme to sell game machines to gullible youths. Real computing was messier.

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