The Spite License for software

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You know what, guys, I have a faint suspicion this license may not actually be legally enforceable.


Shoulda named it the Quantum License, since observation of its terms collapses its permissive state.


I really like the idea of a Quantum License. Another might be one where you cannot know both the terms and the effective date of the license at the same time.


Three votes for “Quantum License.” Good idea.

I have over a decade of paid experience reviewing license agreements. I’ll be happy to read anyone’s software licenses in exchange for beer money. Or if you’re a company, for rent money.

This is the loophole I believe. I’ll have read it so you haven’t done so.


“…according to the terms of the MIT License (see included file LICENSE_MIT) IF AND ONLY IF they have not read any portion of this file.”

Not clear whether “this file” refers to the license Voynix wrote, or the MIT License. Guess I’ll let the lawyers fight it out.

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I’ll ignore the mind games, and continue to licence all my code under the WTFPL.

Use my code, or don’t, just get out of my face kid

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How about something along the lines of:

You may only use this software if you agree that licenses are meaningless for code posted on the public internet. If you believe that software licenses are necessary then you are prohibited from using this, or any other piece of software.

Personally I’d just have a file named, which is actually a zip bomb and fuck anyone who tried to read it.

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