The Sword and Laser: Do Readers Have the Right to Delete Swear Words?


It’s essentially a remix really.

"The Sword and Laser: Do Readers Have the Right to Delete Swear Words? "

Fvck No!

Most people’s understanding of “swearing” doesn’t even make much sense. A swear is an oath to do something. So, saying “I’ll kill you!” is a swear, while “Oh, Shit!” isn’t. I think that people would become better readers and writers if they thought more about articulating their ideas, instead of sorting words into buckets of “good words” and “bad words”.

If I can ask somebody to read a book/story/whatever to me, and skipping or replacing words or annotating the story for me, or do the same for somebody else, I don’t see a single reason why I should not be able to ask a computer to do the same for me.

If it is allowed to a person, it is allowed to a computer. To my computers, at least.


Sounds like a novel application of Mechanical Turk. Or maybe just use association to get people to replace arbitrary words with other arbitrary words.

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Actually, I think the especially strong taboo against “bad words” in the English-speaking world is an accident of the English language and of the King James Bible.

There are several verses that basically tell people not to say evil things to each other. But that is off-topic: I’m sure that we can all agree that “Fuck You!” is a nicer thing to say to your fellow human being than “I sincerely think that you deserve the eternal torment that God will justly punish you with for your sins.”

There is also a prohibition against “swearing” and “oaths” in the Bible.
As in, people should tell the truth all the time, anyway, and stop calling God as a witness all the time.

Now, different from, for example, German, the English language also uses “to swear” for the act of using taboo words because you’re upset/agitated/angry. So, the same English-speaking Christians who think the King James Bible is the original version which was later translated to Hebrew, are convinced that there is something in the Bible about not saying “Fuck this shit”.
At the same time, even conservative Christians on the European continent are much more relaxed about the occasional bad word than “average” Americans.


If they don’t have the right to delete swear words, then they definitely don’t have the right to read only the right-hand pages.


I am going to try really hard to not think about “Rule 34” right now…

Trying really hard not to think about “Rule 34”?
Also a fetish…

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