The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles save Los Angeles rail transit in "Operation Blue Line" (1990)


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a villain bent on "suppressing all public information"

Politician, or law enforcement?

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no one will defend the Crenshaw line because it is populated with crazy people. I listened to a guy talk on a cell phone for the entire ride and I’m pretty he was just talking to dead air, because even when he asked a question he continued to talk without pausing. Also, what asshole makes a train line that stops 1 mile from the airport?

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I’m confused. The Crenshaw line is still under construction - so what ‘entire ride’ were you taking when cell-phone guy annoyed you?

The Crenshaw line will have a dedicated station that interfaces directly with the upcoming LAX Automated People Mover.

What, did you expect the light rail line to travel all the way around the mile-long terminal loop, dropping passengers individually at each of the seven terminals?

Welcome to the big city, where ‘the airport’ is far too large for a single train stop.

I was riding the Green Line to Staples center. my mistake. And yes, the train should have had stops at each gate or at least a stop at the airport to which passengers can get onto a LAX dedicated rail, like all other major cities.

and for the record suburban sprawl doesn’t count as a “big city” just poor planning.

“…like all other major cities”?

Ah, well, clearly then, you’re a seasoned world traveler, and I should defer to your informed opinion.

every major hub I have traveled to in the US has had some form train or rail to move people between gates. LA seems to be the one few who can’t get their shit together.

Which seems ridiculous considering how many people fly in and out of LA every damn day.

Actually, for the record, a city of 4 million people in a metro area of more than 12 million people IS a big city. no matter how much you dislike its urban form.

And even if its airport makes you ride a dedicated rubber-tired shuttle from the light-rail station to the terminals, instead of the dedicated rail-based shuttle that you obviously imagine you deserve.

enjoy traffic. :smile:

Are we still calling them the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? They’re at least in their mid-forties by now.

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Well Bart Simpson is still 10 (he should be around 36) then the turtles are still teens.

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