The Tory war on science in Canada: a chronology


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Until enough people in the Tory voter base tell their politicians they want a change, there won’t be a change. If you are Canadian and vote Tory, or can make them think you do, let them know your views on these matters.

The Tory war on science sounds like it’s primarily a war on environmental regulations that might prevent the damage being done by Canada’s energy-extraction companies, and they’re attacking as deeply as possible into the agencies that might complain about problems during future governments as well as the current one. (If you kick out all the science advisers, they won’t be there to advise the next Liberal-or-whatever government.)

The boundless depravity of corporate lapdog scum is so myopically demented it’s breathtaking.

It’s more than that. It’s an attack on using evidence for policy decisions by destroying evidence based knowledge. That becomes clear when you look at the long form census issue - if there’s evidence disagreeing with your ideology, you’re going to get called on it. If there’s no data, then it’s all, just, like, your opinion, man. So you can ignore minorities as much as you like, since no one can prove they’re getting screwed over. A big part of it, yes, is letting them turn us into a petrostate, but it goes deeper than that.

It’s a flat out attempt to destroy rational, evidence based discourse in politics, that is destroying science as a biproduct.

This is the government that said of the media (paraphrasing) “if they’re not going to help us get our message out, we’re not going to talk to them”. They’re demanding that science and journalism exist only to maintain their power. Anything that disagrees with their goals must be removed. And I think that’s even more dangerous than their actual goals.


I think you’re on to something!

…better watch your back :frowning:

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