The trailer for the VR game Primal Hunt looks amazing

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Not that.

The problem is we have a highly tuned internal system to save us from poisoning, so when what our eyes see and inner ears sense don’t match up, millions of years of evolution say “must have been what we ate”, and work on a quick removal of stomach contents.

That limits games, it limits design, the hardware limits things like turning speeds (mostly solved now), but I think we’ll need much better batteries, and far efficient hardware, to get to a point where it’s like wearing glasses. Even then you’ll have to work within the constraints of VR, AR does remove some of the issues with movement, but it has its own limits.

The game looks like a N64


One of the biggest barriers to entry for VR in its current format is that the best experiences often require a significant play area, and your average gamer doesn’t own property with large, open spaces.
I’ve got a relatively large living room myself, but even there, I’m having to spend time moving furniture around to maximise the play area, and that just lend itself to a pick-up-and-play scenario.

I mean, yeah, VR treadmills exist, but even there, they take up a significant amount of space and require a degree of setup that’s significantly more than just turning on a console or launching a game from your desktop.

Since moving to Linux, which my original Oculus Rift doesn’t support, it’s just been gathering dust.
Don’t get me wrong, Superhot VR and Alyx are two of the most astonishing gaming experiences I’ve ever had (along with that first moment you step outside of the station into open space in Lone Echo).
But with there being no Linux compatible, wireless alternative to Meta’s headsets yet, and GPUs still being stupidly expensive, restricting the quality of any experience I’m likely to have in VR, the attractiveness of the format has dropped off of a cliff for me.

That and Dwarf Fortress has just released on Steam and is likely to take over all of my gaming time for the foreseeable future.


This is true of the more active game types, but a lot of other games don’t need much space. Walkabout Minigolf is great and only requires a few square feet of standing space. And there are lots of great seated games like Demeo, Moss, and Pokerstars. I meet a lot of grandpas in Pokerstars that probably couldn’t walk a mile that spend hours at a time playing VR poker.

But yeah, when I play paintball in Rec Room I bump off the walls quite a bit.

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Dopey question: does one still have to have a facebook account in order to use a Meta headset? Because that’s also a turn-off.


No, they reversed that this past October.


This looks bad. I guess the VR experience brings a lot?

Game looks crap.
I guess the third person viewpoint when you get eaten by the dinosaur is explained by you are dead now and your released spirit is observing from 50 feet away?


I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought that didn’t look so hot. Call of the Mountain looks 10x better, at least if the footage they released is real.

… perhaps the best use of VR would be in making exercise less tedious for people who were already using treadmills for other reasons :thinking:

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Is that right?
I thought they reversed it for existing users, but new users would require a Meta / Facebook account?

And checking my mail, the last communication I had from them said this:

If you want to continue using your Oculus account, you can do so until the end of 2022. Starting on 1 January 2023, you’ll need to set up a Meta account to continue using your Meta VR devices.

That was on the 23rd of August.

Yes, that’s right.

It requires a Meta account, which is separate from the Facebook account. They do not need to be linked. How much linking it does in the back end, and how much tracking it enables for people that don’t have a Facebook account :person_shrugging:

Personally, I’m not giving Zuckerberg any money, so even if it was handled completely separately, it doesn’t change the fact I’m not even considering an Oculus…

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