The Ukraine Situation explained


About 10 years ago you could get real bargains on WW2 surplus from the former eastern bloc, such as reconditioned mausers they’d captured from the nazis. Much of this material had been packed in grease for 50 years, and they were in the process of selling it off. Then Russia invaded Georgia, and everyone realized they’d better hang onto those old rifles.

An interesting debate on Democracy Now yesterday highlighted the polarized state of affairs that affects our understanding of the ongoing revolution:

Debate: Is Ukraine’s Opposition a Democratic Movement or a Force of Right-Wing Extremism?


I remember when I stayed in Moldova/Ukraine for a few months, it was explained to me to the effect that the language situation was something similar to what Mexican border towns face when U.S. tourists come calling.

Maybe they just need to balkanize. The west can join the EU and the east can throw in their lot with Russia. If they could only pull it off without the genocide, it seems like it would be an ideal solution.

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