The ultimate iPhone 6 and 6 Plus unboxing video by Andy Ihnatko (with Robert Goulet)




I do hope he was using a Crane-Cam 3000 The Future Of Video Podcasting™




I’m glad that he had the good sense to turn off auto-focus halfway through the video. Otherwise I would have had to track him down and turn it off for him.


I’m curious about the silicone cases. It looks like the black one was already picking up lint, but they also don’t look quite as tacky (in the surface quality sense) and shiny as some silicone. Silicone tends to pick up lint and oil, but maybe Apple did some kind of surface treatment to combat this? Anyone have one and want to comment?


Say what now?


Perhaps… Old is saying… that the video of the dude dropping his iPhone 6 was the… true… “ultimate unboxing video” …?


I cannot fathom why people watch these.



Maybe I can help. You’re considering buying an iPhone, but you’re not sure which size to get. You want to see it next to other phones and in someone’s hand. How does it look in a shirt pocket? You’re going to be carrying this phone around for the next couple years, so you want to make an informed decision. You don’t live close to an Apple store or don’t want to deal with the crowds. You enjoy watching someone marvel at how box corners can be so sharp and precise. You wonder if famed auteur Werner Herzog has had a hand in Apple’s warranty disclosures.


They’re basically POV porn - they provide the illusion experiencing it yourself, which is ecstasy.


My hamster is on his last legs.


This is like watching the worst magician in the world not pull off a trick in top-down view.


Funny thing is that when one of my kittens died, I put her in an iPad Mini box… using the same logic. It was a damn well built coffin.


It’s the Unboxing Championship League.


Try stopping the wheel with a stick.


I watched this just to hear him say “prophylactic”.


I don’t understand why I was supposed to watch this. Fifteen minutes in, nothing of any actual value had been said. I had expected it to be if not funny, then at least interesting. Understand that I’m not saying it sucked - it was of its ilk, and within those boundaries it was entirely adequate. It’s just not the sort of meh I expect from a BB-endorsed video.


As someone who doesn’t get these at all, can someone explain the appeal of unboxing videos? Boing Boing posts these all the time, so I assume the majority of people here must like them, right?

Is it like those ASMR tingly video things?

@maxp says it’s about the phone itself, but there are hundreds of sites that actually review the phone and compare it to other phones, and have pictures of it in different situations. This seems to be more about the packaging.

@frauenfelder even made an unboxing video about a lightbulb. The post was about the funny shape of the bulb, which was great, but why was the packaging important? Because that’s what all the kids are doing these days?

Again, maybe there’s some artistry I’m missing. I’m also learning to appreciate Belgian beers, which taste weird to me but I figured that since people love them, if I drink them enough I’ll have a new thing to love and be happier.


Forget it Jake, it’s The Internet .